Buying a sports bra especially for big busty ladies is a big struggle. Sports bra should not only help keep your breasts perky but also supported as well. We don’t want to look like the gym uniboob from a sports bra which makes it look like a one giant breast or them bouncing everywhere with no support whatsoever.

Sports Bras for Heavy Busts – Comparison

ImageProductTypeBody MaterialEditor Rating (0-5)
Product Details
Panache Women’s Underwire Sports BraUnder wired, molded cups, adjustable straps, hook and eye closure, racerback optionPolyamide 48%


Polyester 38%

Elastane 14%

Product Details
Enell High Impact Sports BraWire free, Front hook and eye closure, high impact, non-adjustable strapsNylon 90%


Lycra/Spandex 10%

Product Details
Glamorise Custom Control Sports BraWire free, up to 5 hooks, adjustable straps, double layer cupsPolyester 56%


Nylon 37%

Elastane 7%

Product Details
Freya Women’s Epic Underwire Crop Top Sports BraUnder wired, hook and eye closure, racer back option, adjustable padded strapsPolyester 62%


Nylon 31%

Elastane 7%

Product Details
Goddess Sports BraWire free, compression fit, adjustable padded strapsNylon 73%


Polyester 19%

Spandex/elastane 8%

Product Details
Wacoal Underwire Crop Top Sports BraUnder wired, triple hook and eye closure, 2-ply fabric cups, adjustable strap, extra inner sling for large cup sizesNylon 80%


Spandex/Elastane 20%

Product Details
Champion Women’s Spot Comfort Sport BraWire free molded cups, gel based adjustable straps, padded hook and eye closureNylon 86%


Spandex 14%

Product Details
Playtex Women’s Play Outgoer Sports BraUnder wired, lightly padded cups, front adjustable straps, metal hook and eye closurePolyester 89%


Spandex 11%

Product Details
Anita Women’s Momentum Sport BraWire free, hook and eye closure, seamless mesh cups, soft padded adjustable pads, leotard backPolyester 50%


Polyamide 35%

Elastane 15%

Product Details
Elomi Women’s Plus-Size Energise Underwire Sport BraMulti part under wire cups, racerback option with metal J hook,  adjustable elastic straps, metal hook and eye closurePolyamide 94%


Elastane 6%


Now companies recognize that there are women out there with larger chest size who are trying to work out and need the support when they are running or doing any of the activities in the gym. Therefore there are many different sports bras to choose from but the important thing to remember is that you can find something for larger cup sizes and you can definitely get something that will accompany the type of exercise and purpose you want the sports bra for. Reviewed below are some of the most popular and best selling sports bras suitable for heavy busts.

Bra Impact Levels

One of the things that we want to clarify before we get into bras is impact levels. When you hear terms such as high impact or low impact, we’re not actually talking about the exercise. For instance, horseback riding. Horseback riding is not a very strenuous exercise on the body; however, it is a high impact activity because of the movement your breasts make. The impact levels are determined on the breast movement. So things that are low impact would be considered walking, every day use and yoga. However high impact activities would be running, horseback riding, kickboxing or any other aerobics in which your breasts are going to move a lot. So keep that in mind when we talk about impact levels.

Know Your Size before Ordering

If you have very large breasts then getting properly measured is very important. Wearing the wrong bra size can have pretty negative consequences not only on your breasts but on your back, neck and other areas especially if you are working out. There are plenty of places that will measure you and tell you your proper size for free.

Once you know your size, its shopping time. Having large breasts may mean you have to dish out a little bit more money to get a great support bra. When ordering online, it’s very important to check the sizing charts because some websites may be shipping from different locations like the UK. Size charts can vary from country to country. For instance, the UK size FF is equivalent to H in the US.

Panache Women’s Underwire Sports Bra


One of the unique features of Panache Sports bra is that it uses a molded front. However you may get the same molded cup fit and sizing issues that you would have on regular bras. The size usually depends on your breast shape and type as well as how firm your bust tissue is. If you frequently have issues filling out the top of the molded cup you might end up leading to size down one, two and even three cup sizes in order to get a good fit on this particular style. However if you have a very high set or very full on top breasts you might actually find this is either true to size or a little small. So, it can depend a lot on your breast shape.

The Panache Sports bra has an underwire which is encapsulated inside some foam padding and will sit firmly around your ribcage. The encapsulation makes a big difference about how the bra feels around the ribcage. The center is pretty narrow as well and you will like the roundness and depth of the cups. This helps to give you a little bit more space and you won’t feel like you are compressed.

Talking of compression and encapsulation, the Panache sports bra is one of the best examples of encapsulation style sports bra. If you are not familiar with that term, encapsulation style sports bras function by using underwire to separate breast tissue and then support and control individually. This is in contrast to compression style sports bras which are the ones that usually don’t have an underwire and they act by compressing the breast tissue back against the ribcage. Many women prefer the encapsulation style since each breast gets an individualized level of support. The separation helps reduce discomfort when you get sweaty while working out.

This sports bra style gives a very flattering shape and profile. One would not know that you are wearing a sports bra if you have a top on.  Even when viewed from the side, the bra gives a lot of lift and a rounded profile. Another feature of this sports bra is that it has padded comfort straps. The straps have a racerback clips that you can hook or unhook as you prefer. The wings are very sturdy and supportive. The bra has a moisture wicking fabric which again is fantastic. The colors are great and the looks are sporty.

Panache Sports bra rated at high impact level which is great because that means it’s going to work for women who are involved in play activities like jogging, basketball or tennis where there’s a lot of bounce movement. It claims to reduce bounce by up to 83 percent.

Enell High Impact Sports Bra


The Enell sports bra is also widely used as a medical bra or a post-surgery bra because of the way the Enell has the ability to compress your breasts and allow zero movement. It is widely regarded as an excellent and highly recommended medical bra.

The Enell sports bra has been around since 1993. There is one more Enell sports bra, the Enell Lite, which is a lighter impact bra. The Enell is definitely a compression style sports bra and it is pretty much the maximum compression style sports bra. There are a lot of hooks on the front (up to 15 hooks) on Enell sports bra, but it does have a lot of advantages.

Number one, it is the ultimate compression sports bra which means it presses you in and down. Number two, there are very few front closure sports bras out there. Some women feel they can’t wear a sports bra because they have limited range of movement with their shoulders. The Enell is essentially a cure to that because they put it on front closure style. The other advantage that it has is the very wide straps with a wide back. The support in the back is a double layer high wicking moisture material. Because of the straps and back with the front closure also relieves pressure from the back. There are women out there who enjoyed just wearing their Enell sports bra as a bra.

The one drawback is that the Enell has a lot more visibility than other bras do. That is something that you do have to keep in mind. Many users have reviewed saying that this is the least sexy sports bra they own and it’s the only sports bra they will wear. That is because of that limited movement which makes you feel so much better when you work out.

The Enell has a different sizing system as well. It starts from a double zero and goes to an eight. Each number of incorporates a range of sizes and you do want to see the sizing chart before you order. It comes in several different colors.

Glamorise Women’s Sport Bra


If you are a part of the big bust club then you know that finding the perfect sports bra is like gold. You are always looking for new brands or styles out there that you are comfortable in and which don’t look like a huge contraption giving you a constricted feeling. If you like underwire sports bras then you should definitely check out the Glamorise Women’s Plus Size High Impact Underwire Sport Bra.

The support in this bra will make you wish that it was a regular bra. You will feel super supported during your workouts. This sports bra comes in different color combinations with super comfortable straps. The straps have a five hook closure at the back for extra support and lift. At the same time you will not feel restricted doing all types of workouts whether it’s jogging, lifting weights, dance, elliptical, etc.

If you don’t like an underwire in your sports bra then you should have a look at Glamorise Women’s Double-Layer Custom-Control Sport Bra. This will definitely change your outlook – that you don’t need an underwire in your bra for added support.  Initially it almost looks like one of those vintage bras, but once you put it on, you realize that there is an extra layer for support at the front that you can adjust according to the intensity of your workout.  You get to choose the level of support you need and it is like any workout bra.

The lowest adjustable strap setting is ideal for low impact sports such as yoga or walking. The middle two settings give medium bounce control and are suitable for cycling, step aerobics or spinning. The highest setting offers maximum bounce control and is ideal for high impact sports such as running or tennis.

Freya Women’s Epic Underwire Crop Top Sports Bra


Freya underwire crop top sports bra has a newer design that is actually designed to reduce up to ninety seven percent of breast pain associated with working out. Freya is the one brand that is known for their regular bras in addition to their Freya Active Collection that includes not only sports bras but performance tops and sports swimwear. So this model sports bra comes in a 28 to 40 band size and a B to an H cup. Freya actually makes sports bras in up to a K cup and that is UK sizing. In the US sizing, it’s a different range.

This crop top bra can also be called an encapsulated sports bra which takes each breast individually rather than compressing them together which is the other style and probably what you think of when you think of a sports bra which is called the compression style. You get the underwire design with a moisture wicking material and a cool smooth fabric to give you absolutely maximum support. There is an inner support side sling as well on the interior and comfort straps.

One of the best features with the Freya model is the J-hook. The J-hook is a simple clip that gives you a racerback design. It can be worn of course as a leotard back but the simple clip of the straps gives you the racerback. Yes, it does give you a lot more options with tops; however, there are larger benefits to that. You get more support with the racerback and those that have narrow or sloping shoulders get that better fit that they need. You kind of can’t go wrong with the Freya sports bra. It is an absolutely wonderful design and designed specifically for large cups.

Goddess Sports Bra


Goddess sports bra is a compression style sports bra which goes up to a 48 band and a US I size cup which is roughly equivalent to the UK G size cup. Sometimes it becomes very challenging to find a sports bra if you are wearing a 42 or 44 plus band and Goddess does a good job to fill that market gap. Many customers who bought this bra usually sized up, as the band does run a little firm

The compression style bras typically function by compressing the breast tissue back against the rib cage and holding it in place while you move. They are also associated most closely with the sports bra uniboob look where you have this non separated giant smooshed mess. This maybe very effective for working out but is not the most pleasant profile to have like when going from gym to the grocery store. However the Goddess sports bra does a very nice job of sidestepping that a little bit.

This sports bra does not have any separation in the middle since it does not have any underwire. Nevertheless it does give a good lift. If you look from the sides it gives a rounded look and does not appear flattened out. It does have a little bit of that inbuilt shape to it. That is because they have built in a little bit more depth to the cups of the bra. It’s not a sort of a uniform garment but it’s actually got space for breast tissue to come forward and be projected into the cups. This enables the bra to give you a little bit more shape than what you would normally find with a compression style sports bra.

The fabric on this bra is really soft and this can be used like a weekend bra. The interior fabric has a lightweight breathable mesh that’s moisture wicking so it will pull the sweat away from the body. There is a longer banded part on the underneath that smoothes out the sides and keeps the entire fit of the bra anchored to the body. The wings on the sides are wider so that they can encapsulate both side breast tissue and also the side of the ribcage. The stretchiness factor of the cups also allows a little bit more flexibility for the cup size and you are less likely to have an overflow.

The lovely straps are padded to cushion the shoulders which increase the comfort level. The Goddess sports bra shoulder straps are extremely inset and they don’t have the normal J-hook option that we see on most sports bras. Therefore you can’t convert it to a racerback option. Some women find that the racerbacks can actually put pressure on the back of their neck and without it they don’t have the ability to tighten the straps enough to really pull inward. So, Goddess has these very short restricted stretch straps. These are also fantastic if you have very narrow or slope shoulders and you are finding you have trouble getting the straps of the bras to stay put. It’s also nice if you are on the petite side and have issues with a non-fully adjustable strap not being tight enough for you.

They also added four hook and eye closures in the back and it’s really important to have that just to make sure that you have that extra bit of anchorage to the body. Since you don’t want to be bouncing around while exercising, so having extra hooks does help. Unlike the Panache sports bra, which is like a piece of armor, the Goddess sports bra itself is very lightweight. It does not have a molded cup or an encapsulated underwire. You can just put it on for your yoga sessions, lounging around, gardening or for everyday household work. It’s a nice supplementary piece to have in your bra wardrobe if you do many light impact exercises.

Tips and Tricks to Find the Right Sized Sports Bra

No matter how good your sports bra is, if it doesn’t fit you correctly, then it wouldn’t provide you with the right support whilst you’re exercising. On average more than half of women experience breast pain during exercise with the main cause being inadequate support. So making sure your sports bra fits properly is really important.

Sports bras are designed to contain breast bounce during various activities. Ligaments in your chest known as Cooper’s ligaments hold your breasts in place. They are only slightly elastic and can become overstretched and contribute to breast sagging. Constant downward breast movement no matter what your breast size stretches these ligaments and is painful. Sports bras reduce this ligament stretch and have been instrumental in helping large breasted women participate in sports without concern of breast pain.

All sports bras are categorized by design type, features and impact levels. The two design types are compression and encapsulation. Compression style is most popular in A and B cup sized women. Larger cup size women tend not to like full compression sports bras because they feel too tight. In encapsulation style sports bra, the cups have seaming and special support features that individually encase each breast to reduce bounce. Larger breasted women find this design more comfortable and encapsulation provides more support than compression alone. They can also come with under wires for even more support.

  • First of all you need to decide if you want a low support, medium support or high support sports bra depending on the intensity of your desired activity.
  • Front or back closures on a sports bra do not reduce its support. The easiest bras to get into are zip front sports bras while the hardest to get into are no closure sports bras that pull on over your head.
  • Wider shoulder straps distribute breast weight efficiently and offer greater comfort than narrow ones.
  • The straps should not slip off or press into your shoulders during high impact activities.
  • Adjustable straps allow you to customize the fit.
  • Underwires are mostly found in encapsulated sports bra styles giving even more support to larger cup sizes.
  • There are many sports bras with light padding in the cups for modesty. However keep in mind that these bras could take longer to dry.
  • Wicking fabrics move moisture away from your skin and keep you comfortable. They also dry faster.
  • Sports bras can be worn as innerwear, outerwear or underwear. So, color plays a big part here. White traditionally is worn under workout clothes whereas colored sports bras are the ones normally worn as outerwear.
  • Different activities have different breast movement levels. For example, low impact would be walking and yoga, high impact would be running. Select the one which suits your needs.
  • Your sports bra should fit slightly tighter than a regular bra but not so tight that you can’t take a comfortable take a deep breath with the bra fastened on the loosest hook.
  • Make sure that you have the right size. Raise your hands over your head. If the elastic band moves up your rib cage, you need a smaller band or the straps may need to be adjusted.
  • For high impact sports bras, test their support by jumping or running in place with your closure on its loosest setting. You will be able to feel if it’s sufficiently supportive or not.
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