Spire is a wearable that you can clip on to your belt or bra and it tracks your breathing. Breathing tells a lot about our emotional state. Instead of just tracking steps, Spire senses your breathing patterns and your movement to determine if you are focused, calm or even stressed out.

Cultivating awareness about stress

Most of us have the ability to know when we are stressed. Some people can sense it in their head as if they can’t think or are unable to make a good decision. Other people can feel it in their body where they might feel sensations like tightness in your stomach or chest or tightness in your jaw. What is good about this is that once you sense it, you can then take action on it. Maybe you can take a break, walk in a park or get a glass of water or coffee. Alternatively, you can just do something beautiful and relaxing to you or maybe you call someone that it’s really easy to talk to.

Spire helps reduce stress

Now another way to track your daily stressful times is to use Spire. Spire tracks the variability of your breath and your breath graph will look very uneven if you are stressed. During these stressful moments, you can actually have the app send you a signal or reminder that you need to take a break to chill out. With this awareness, we can start acting mindfully throughout our entire day and in the end for our entire lives. So we are mindful in everything that we do.

The idea behind this device is to spend the least amount of time being tense and in that stressed out zone. You create goals that you try to be active or you try to be calm and focused. You try to make sure that every day you are hitting those goals and spend enough time in those states of mind. If you are not seeing the results you are hoping for and you are not as calm or relaxed as you’d like to be then you can download what are called boosts. These are free guided meditations or states of mindfulness that help you achieve the state of mind that you are looking to be in e.g. focused or calm or energized.

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Spire – Design & functionality

Spire uses various sensors that track your expansion and contraction of your abdominal or thoracic cavity. This data is then sent directly to your phone to be analyzed for your personal feedback. Despite the plastic stone body, the Spire feels solid and definitely not cheap. Wearing the Spire is very simple and the app is very easy to navigate. Spire also notifies you in real time if you are feeling tense, calm or you have been inactive or are in an activity stage, all of which are completely customizable.

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Spire – Charging and battery

The Spire comes with a beautiful wireless inductive charging base that you can use a standard USB or a micro USB to charge with. You will get about five to seven days worth of use with a single charge. While it’s charging it will have an LED indicator that lights up letting you know the status of the charge.

Overall Spire will help you to improve your state of mind immensely. It’s non-intrusive way to notify you when you are stressed out is great. If you have the money, then this is a unique wearable that keeps you in a mindful state throughout the stressful demands of daily life.