Sense is a sleep-tracking device by Hello. It has two parts – the hub and the pill. The sleep pill and hub work in conjunction with each other. The hub is small and it not only tracks your sleep but also monitors the environment such as ambient noise & light levels, temperature, humidity, air quality and more. The hub is the main attraction and the design of the hub is futuristic and well thought out. The pill is a small round clip that fastens to your pillow and stays there.

Sense device setup

The Sense is a breeze to setup and will please anyone who is not so tech savvy. The unit connects with your Wi-Fi and the pill connects via Bluetooth. You simply download the app, follow the instructions and you are ready. It also comes with its own micro USB cable and a small wall adaptor to power up the Sense.  The device does not have any buttons nor does the pill. Therefore, there are no button combinations to get it to pair. You can simply hover your hand over the Sense for a few seconds and the said mode is enabled.

The device stays next to your bed and the pill tracks your movement. The main unit glows in different colors when you wave your hand over it. The colors let you know the condition of the unit. Green color glow means that all settings are good to go and the pill is in the range, amber if some settings need to be changed and red if something is terribly wrong. Check out the app to fix the problems. Apart from that, there is no real interaction with the device. You just let it do its own thing. The Sense sleep tracker automatically recognizes when you go to sleep and when you wake up.

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The Sense app

The Sense App is intuitive and is neatly laid out into five sections. The main tab displays facts and info about sleep. You also have the ability to set a smart alarm, which wakes you when you are in the light phase of sleep. In the settings, you can look at all the info about your Sense and the pill.  You can check your account, the connection, battery status of the pill, adjust the units and time formats. On the far left, you have the current readings. You have the temperature, humidity, light, noise levels and other readings. You can also swipe up to reveal information from your last night’s sleep.


The app presents you with a score, which is based on the room readings with information about how long you slept, how much time of that was deep sleep and a summary that takes place as a time graph. The app also gives you information on how you can improve your sleep. There is also a small questionnaire for you to answer so that the Sense can better understand your sleep behavior. You can also correct the sleep and wake up times manually.

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If you want to check your partners sleep, you can buy another Sense pill and hook it up to the same hub. The Sense packs an interesting design that not only looks great on a nightstand but it also blends in very easily. If you work long hours and wake up early the smart alarm feature will definitely worth it. In the end if you have health issues related to your sleep then it would be great to see what’s going on with your sleep.