Exercises for lower back pain aren’t limited to working just your back for relief.  The right exercises to relieve back pain need to also be focused on the surrounding muscles, such as the hamstrings, hips/butt and abs. To help prevent or relieve back pain, you need exercises that both stretch and strengthen your abs, back, hips and hamstrings. These are the muscles that surround your spine.  When you keep the surrounding muscles strong, it supports your spine, which automatically aids in good posture.

Besides weakened muscles, low back pain is usually caused when we overwork our backs or from muscle strain or even injury.  That’s why exercises for lower back pain are essential to keeping a strong, healthy pain-free back.

Surprisingly, staying active is what will help with back pain instead of staying sedentary.  Now don’t get me wrong, this may be required depending on your condition, but in order to rehabilitate your spine, you need to strengthen the muscles surrounding it. So with your doctor’s go ahead, it’s wise to incorporate gentle stretching and exercises for lower back pain for the sake of your back. You can also try alternative chairs for active sitting to ease back pain if you work for long hours at your desk.

A bit of caution when stretching your back (Source: MSN Health & Fitness) – As we know, stretching your back helps to reduce back pain, but it CAN cause problems if you do it first thing in the morning, right out of bed.

According to Ted Dreisinger (PhD, FACSM, president of Therapy Advisors in San Diego, CA.) “At night when you sleep, the discs in your spine gain water.”  Because of this, it adds pressure on the discs in your back when you first wake up, which in turn causes even more stress on your back when you bend forward or backward.

Add a lumbar pillow to support your back while sitting

What you should do first when you wake up in the morning is go ahead with your usual routine for about 10 minutes, such as brushing your teeth, drinking your morning coffee, washing your face, etc. Just do whatever it is you do, THEN take a second to do a simple stretch.

Simple Morning Stretch AFTER 10 minutes of your usual morning routine:

  • Stand up straight and place the palms of your hands on the top of your butt, as if you’re going to put your hands in your pocket.
  • Gently lean back and look up. You’ll feel a nice stretch in your lower back.
  • Hold for a few seconds, then repeat 3 to 4 times.

Strengthen your back AND surrounding muscles and you will be doing your back such a HUGE favor!  As we get older, our bodies get weaker IF we don’t take care of them.  Incorporate exercises for lower back pain and eliminate these problems by creating a strong healthy body period.

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