Belly fat can be annoying. With a longing look in your eyes, you stare at your old clothes in the wardrobe and watch them helplessly. Wait! Our article is not about discussing your helplessness; instead, we will empower you with the knowledge – how to get rid of your belly fat and get a toned, lean body, envious to look at.

All you lazy bums out there who chicken out at the very thought of working out, think again! Those who have conveniently thought that running would reduce abdominal fat, and they would not have to visit a gym or adopt any special diet… Wake up and smell the coffee! The visceral fat, you nurtured for so long, following a sedentary lifestyle and junk food, needs a somewhat strict regime to burn the unwanted body fat. Just running alone might not help entirely and you will still need to slim down. Targeting the belly by running alone will not bring the desired result. Having said that, running adds to the muscle strength and controls burning of fat, along with revitalizing all the organs of the body.

How running helps with weight loss?

  • Running tones up your body, shapes up muscles and boosts your metabolic activities, thereby helping in digestion and flow of oxygen throughout the body.
  • Cardiovascular activities along with running, burns calories and helps in getting rid of unwanted fat in the body which includes the tummy area, as well.
  • Follow a no-junk food routine, along with running to let go of the love handles.

What are the other measures to burn fat?

Unless you adopt a healthy diet regime, running and working out several rounds in a gym will not help you achieve a toned tummy. Before plunging in for a healthy diet, take advice of your dietician on the type of diet suitable for your age and body. A proper diet will enable you, not to accumulate further fat.

Lower abdominal resistance exercise is a method of reducing stomach fat and shaping up hips and thighs. Knee lifts position, holding a bar at shoulder length, is one of the best abs resistance workout for tummy toning, i.e. exhale while lifting and bending your knees towards your chest. Ensure your thighs are above your hips. Now inhale and slowly return to the starting position. To get the best results, try controlling your breaths while performing this work out.

Based on your weight, the speed of your workout has to be set. The more weight you have, the faster you need to perform the lower abs workout, in order to burn more calories. All you need is a professional trainer, who can guide you all along and ensure no muscle cramps or nerve damage takes place, while working out.

A circuit training that includes tummy toning exercise and abdominal crunches, goes a long way when it comes to reducing visceral fat. A recent survey suggests, a 30-minute circuit training with running and intermittent abdominal crunches, burns 30 percent more fat than traditional strength training exercise.

A crunch and a reverse crunch, works out on the muscles of both upper and lower abs. Crunch performed on an exercise ball increases the intensity and  brings out the best result, by reducing belly fat to a large extent.

Breathing exercise relaxes your conscience, helps you concentrate better and rejuvenates the cells and tissues of your body. Fresh oxygen flowing through your body recharges every inch of it and you feel refreshed and full of vigor. Stress level reduces considerably, when one resorts to breathing exercises.

Inhale air through one of your nostrils while closing the other one with your thumb and let the oxygen fill up your body. Then close the other nostril with your ring finger, release your thumb and exhale through the other nostril. Repeat the process, by alternately inhaling and exhaling through both nostrils. This helps balance the bio-elements in your body, boosts metabolism and helps prevent accumulation of fat in the midsection of the body.

Inhale fresh air as much as you can with both nostrils while sitting in a cross-legged upright posture and automatically your tummy retracts with the process. Wait for some time, let the oxygen in the air, circulate within your body, and then exhale deeply through your mouth. Repeat this exercise several times to control your tummy fat.

Proper diet to burn belly fat

As you visit your dietician to get a prescription diet, ideal to lose weight, here is a quick look at foods to avoid and eat, to shape up your tummy.

  • Avoid too much sugar and sweetened drinks, even if it means becoming less cool.
  • Eating a lot of protein is a great strategy to develop muscles and reduce fat. Protein gives one a feeling of being full and less hungry, which inevitably prevents binging on junk food. However, a limit to protein intake based on gender, age and profession are required, so as to avoid future liver and kidney complications.
  • Fiber rich diet, low on carbohydrates is essential to follow, if one is trying to lose abdominal fat. The fiber in your food helps in proper digestion, boosts metabolism and does not lead to accumulation of fat.
  • Avoid food containing trans-fats. While visiting the supermarket for your monthly grocery shopping, spend a little more time going through the labels. They are a good source of information regarding the contents of the packaged food and you can choose accordingly.
  • Quit alcohol and smoking for your own good. They are known to cause multiple complications and spoil your health regime.
  • Green leafy vegetables and lean meat is the way to go, if you are serious about losing your belly fat.

Enough of reading…go out there, and kick-start all the free hand exercises, if you desire to get into your old expensive clothes and look fitter than ever.

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