As a person ages or gains weight, they may develop what is known as a double chin. This is because excess fat becomes stored under the chin area, resulting in what looks like two or more chins.

Getting rid of a double chin becomes harder as facial muscles begin to lose tone as we get older, this can make the likelihood of developing a double chin even greater if we tend to store excess fat in the chin area.

Just as with reducing fat elsewhere on the body, getting rid of a double chin comes by reducing excess calories, increasing exercise, and eating a healthy diet.

Losing weight and body fat can be challenging, but it doesn’t have to be pure torture.

Here are some helpful suggestions for reducing the appearance of a double chin, while at the same time, not depriving yourself of the foods you love or exercising until you drop.

Foods known to help reduce excess fat under chin and elsewhere


It is a well-known fact that some foods people commonly eat in their diet are not likely to make people lose weight, but rather, gain weight.

These can include foods with “bad” carbohydrates in them, such as those that derive many of their calories from refined sugar or refined white flour. This can also include empty calorie foods, those that are high in calories without offering much beneficial nutrition.

Eating too many of these foods can easily lead to unwanted weight gain. However, there are also some foods that will actually promote fat loss.

An excellent example of fat fighting foods are low fat dairy products such as milk and yogurt. By consuming three servings of low fat dairy products each day, people tend to lose more weight than those who did not incorporate three servings of dairy into their diet.

Low fat dairy options are not only delicious, but are also effective in getting rid of a double chin.

Foods such as olives, nuts, salmon, and olive oil are great examples of unsaturated fats, or “good” fats. These fats will actually work to increase the rate of the metabolism, our body’s fat burning furnace.

These foods satisfy hunger and promote a feeling of fullness. The sated feeling will last for some time, preventing hunger and the overeating that may take place if you are constantly hungry and filling up on snacks.

Green tea is another great metabolism booster and has many other health benefits as well. Add green tea to your diet throughout the day, avoiding sweeteners if possible.

Freshly brewed green tea is best, and can be served hot or iced. Consider swapping green tea for your morning coffee, or substituting it throughout the day for other beverages you might normally drink.

Exercises that burn excess fat


Adding cardiovascular exercise to your fitness routine will help getting rid of a double chin much easier and burn off excess stores of fat under the chin, or anywhere else, it may be stored.

Try to incorporate at least five hours of cardiovascular exercise into your weekly fitness regimen. The type of exercise does not matter, as long as it gets that heart rate pumping and the blood flowing.

Choose a variety of cardio exercise that you actually enjoy doing, and perhaps alternate them throughout the week to help prevent boredom and keep you motivated.

Cardio should be done in conjunction with strength training exercises, which help to rev up the metabolism while at the same time building lean muscle. Add strength training to your fitness regimen at least three to five times per week.

Isometrics may be an option in the strength training area if actually lifting weights does not appeal to you.

Toning the facial muscles to reduce a double chin

Although never having been scientifically proven, some people swear by using facial toning exercises to tone the area under the chin.

Many people feel that getting rid of a double chin can be done by working on toning the muscles of the face and making it tighter and firmer.

For targeting the area of the double chin, jut your lower lip out as far as it will extend. Then, bring it up and over the top lip, holding this position for ten seconds before releasing.

Try doing this exercise thirty to forty times throughout the day, preferably while alone because you may get strange looks from those around you.

Keep hydrated to minimize appearance of facial bloating and double chin


Bloating can add to the appearance of a double chin, and one of the first places that bloat tends to show on the body is in the face.

Sodium and sugary carbohydrates are two of the biggest causes of bloating.

Getting rid of a double chin would mean restricting the amount of these items in your diet. This can help to reduce the look of a bloated face, therefore helping the appearance of the double chin.

Sugary carbohydrates will actually cause muscle and fat deposits to swell in size because they attract water, in turn, causing bloat.

Sodium causes the body to retain fluid in an effort to try to dilute the sodium thus causing inflammation in the body. When these foods cause facial bloating, the appearance of a double chin will be more noticeable.

A great way to reduce both bloating and a double chin is to keep your body well hydrated. Drink a lot of water, and drink even more if you notice that your hands and face are still a bit puffy and bloated.

Drinking eight glasses of water each day is the recommended amount, and additional two to three glasses each day if bloating continues to be a problem. Avoiding or restricting sweet, sodium, and items made with white flour is a good way to keep bloating at bay, and your double chin under control.

Getting rid of a double chin by following these useful suggestions can help you lose the fat in a healthy manner that will make that double chin disappear for good. Get In Shape Right Now!

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