Many women complain of neck pain, headaches, upper back pain, tension across the shoulder blades and numbness or tingling in fingers. The most common denominator between all these ailments is that they have a forward head carriage and a slouched posture. This is something we do so often without even realizing whether it’s driving, texting, emailing or even getting ready in the morning. It’s more damaging than most of us realize.

Incorrect posture causes back and neck pain

With a good posture your earlobes should be in alignment with your shoulders. Over time we tend to bring our head forward, roll our shoulders over and have a slump posture. This can cause tons of pressure on the upper back muscles. With typical bras, you carry the weight of your breasts on your shoulders and as a result, you stoop. The pressure on the straps may cause depressions or digging on the skin which may even hurt. Constant stooping causes tension in your upper body resulting in back pain, headaches and double chin effect because you got a really bad posture.

Back support posture bras can help improve your posture

Posture bras take the weight away from the breasts and your shoulders and put it on the scapula in the middle of your back. So your chest opens up and your upper torso stance is much more confident. You get the natural lift of your breasts and since the pressure is relieved. You also don’t have the slippages and welts caused due to the extra pressure on bra straps.

Popular back support bras

Given below are some of the best-selling posture bras.

  • Cortland Longline Posture Bra
  • Glamorise Women’s MagicLift Front Close Posture Support Bra
  • Leonisa Women’s Posture Corrector Wireless Back Support Bra
  • Exquisite Form Women’s Front Close Cotton Posture Bra
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The Cortland Intimates Longline Posture Bra is one of the most fabulous multi-purpose bras. This support bra starts at a band size of a 34 and goes to a 56 and the cups range from B to H (US sizing). It comes in white, black and blush (light pink) colors. This is one of big girls top selling bras as the back support you get from it is absolutely outstanding. If you have always had a bad posture have your shoulders kind of slumped down then this bra will immediately make you stand up straighter. Many women have a hard time sitting at a desk all the time and sitting for a long duration is not good for human beings. Therefore posture bras can really help.


Lots of women out there have bad backs and shoulder pains and there’s lots of bras out there that can cause discomfort. That is why posture bra is a really great thing as the support you get from this bra is absolutely outstanding. Cortland posture bra has elastic straps which are wide set and they are not adjustable. This is a very good thing for taking pressure off your shoulders and of course, there is the longline effect here which will give you some slimming effects as there is side boning and boning strips on the back.  It gives you a good silhouette as it is very similar to bras that are worn for special occasions.

The front closure is also something that can redistribute your weight sometimes. Therefore this is a really good bra for everyday use. It has a soft cup which means there’s no underwire. Nevertheless, the support that this bra gives is pretty incredible. Now there are some negative reviews online that say that it is a bullet bra, however, any soft cup bra you’re going to try is always going to give you a little bit more pointed shape or at least not the round shape that a padded bra would give you.

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Your bra sizing, typically your band, is measured at your under bust. So when you’re sizing for long line bras you want to make sure you’re usually sizing up at least one band size. It’s something that you have to experiment with. If you don’t like the long line style and want a good posture bra, there are plenty of other styles that are definitely very popular.