Quit slouching! With this wearable device, you will be straightening real fast. Lumo Lift is a tiny stylish posture and activity sensor, which tracks your body positions, steps and calories. This gadget alters your appearance by nudging you to stand tall and provides real time feedback on your body position.

Why is posture so important and how will Lumo Lift help?

Posture is not only related to appearance but it’s also related to back pain and neck pain. Back pain is one of the leading causes why people go to the doctor and posture is directly correlated. However, what is hard about posture is remembering. We get very engrossed in our day-to-day lives at our desks and we simply forget. Lumo Lift acts as the gentle reminder to keep your shoulders back and down and your head lifted.

The long-term improvement in posture varies from person to person. It’s more about muscle memory. If you sit for hours, days or years slouching and leaning forward in front of the computer, you are training your back muscles to elongate and chest muscles to shorten. If you train your body to sit or stand in a straight good posture you are developing that muscle memory to naturally hold yourself up in a very healthy manner.

How does the Lumo Lift work?

Lumo Lift tracks your posture both good and bad and sends it wirelessly to your Smartphone. You get a visual feedback on your posture through the Lumo Lift app. If you opt in, there is a vibrational feedback as well where the sensor itself will give you a little vibration to remind you to straighten up. You can set goals for your days of how many hours you would like to have a good posture, number of steps and more.

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In order for Lumo Lift to work properly, the oval shaped wearable goes on the inside of your shirt just an below your collar bone and is held in place by a strong magnet. It comes with a couple of different styles to go with your different outfits including a bra clip for the ladies. The device is quite small and weighs just over eleven grams which means that you won’t get tired lugging it around on your chest all day long.  Once you place it on your clothing, you sit up straight and then click the sensor two times to align it. There is a coaching option inside the app that you can set to notify you after a certain period if you are not sitting or standing up straight.

Lumo Lift comes with a wireless inductive charger and the battery offers a five-day tracking on a single charge. Once you have your Lumo Lift in place, simply tap on it twice to tell Lumo that this is your best attempt at good posture. Similarly press and hold for three seconds to turn on or off the vibrating alarm. Inside the app, you can track your data hour by hour or day by day and see for how long you can go sitting or standing in your ideal posture. You will also be able to see distance covered, calories burned and steps taken while running, walking or any other physical activity. Therefore, you do not need multiple tracking devices for both posture and activity.

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Lumo Lift can easily be worn as a piece of jewelry or hidden under your clothing all the while providing you with valuable information and motivation for leading a healthier life. Improving your posture can have a profound impact into so many aspects of your health and wellness.