Jawbone UP3 vs UP4


Jawbone UP3 and UP4 are sleek activity trackers with advanced sleep tracking. These fitness wearables measure your steps, estimate calories burned, record your resting heart rate and can produce detailed sleep graphs. Both bands look the same and have the same features although there is one major difference. We had previously compared the older models – Jawbone UP and UP24 which were the earliest fitness bands released by Jawbone.

Jawbone UP3 and Jawbone UP4 Comparison Table

Product Jawbone UP3 Jawbone UP4
Image Product Details Product Details
Release Date April 2015 June 2015
Display LED lights LED lights
Weight 29 grams 29 grams
Connectivity Bluetooth 4.0 Bluetooth 4.0
Battery Life 7 days 7 days
Charge type USB USB
Compatibility Android, iOS Android, iOS
Water Resistance Splash resistant (No swimming) Splash resistant (No swimming)
Activities Steps, HR, Calories, Distance, Sleep Steps, HR, Calories, Distance, Sleep
Wireless Payment No Yes (NFC Chip)
Heart Rate Sensor Type Bio-impedance Bio-impedance
Smart Alarm Yes Yes
Colors Multiple Black, Silver
Notifications No No
Vibration Yes Yes
Smart Coach Yes Yes
Resting and Passive HR Yes Yes
Respiration Rate Measurement Yes (Data used internally) Yes (Data used internally)
Skin Temperature Sensor Yes (Data used internally) Yes (Data used internally)
Galvanic Skin Response Sensor Yes (Data used internally) Yes (Data used internally)
Advanced Sleep Wake, REM, Light and Deep Wake, REM, Light and Deep
Elevation / Stairs No No

Jawbone UP3 Overview

Jawbone Up3 is one of the most compact fitness wristband packed with lots of sensors and cool features. The UP3 doesn’t have a screen built-in unlike its main competitor – the Fitbit Charge HR. But if you are looking for something that is really minimalistic and discreet or you don’t want to wear a watch, then this is for you. Apart from tracking steps, distance, calories and other activities, the Jawbone UP3 also has much more in-depth sleep tracking capabilities when compared to Charge HR.

The UP3 is almost identical to UP2 made up of very smooth hypoallergenic TPU rubber. The band has a subtle narrow look and is designed to fit all wrist sizes.  The UP3 charges via an included USB charger that magnetically attaches itself to the underside of the device.

Jawbone UP4 Overview

Basically Jawbone UP4 is the exact same thing as the UP3 but with a built-in wireless payment system. This system works using the NFC chip with your American Express card. The design is sleek and melts away underneath your clothing. On the underside of the UP4 device as with the UP3, there are multiple bio-impedance sensors. There is no flashing LED optical heart rate sensor. Instead the bio-impedance sensors measure your heart rate by sending little electrical signals through your skin. With the updated software you get resting heart rate as well as passive heart rate.

Similarities between Jawbone UP3 and UP4

  • Both bands are sleek and made of soft rubber material with a crosshatch / line pattern on top.
  • UP3 and UP4 have five bio impedance sensors underneath the device along with the magnetic charging node.
  • Heart rate monitoring is done using bio impedance sensors.
  • Activity monitoring is tracked using a tri-axis accelerometer inside the device.
  • The strap locks in place using a clasp.
  • Compatible with Jawbone companion app.
  • Tracks steps, distance, calories burned, active/passive heart rate.
  • Automatic syncing with companion app.
  • Automatic sleep tracking.
  • Advanced sleep pattern monitoring (deep, light and REM sleep tracking).
  • Include vibration alarm and reminders.
  • These bands have ability to measure both resting and passive heart rate.
  • The battery lasts for around 7 days.
  • There is no GPS sensor in both devices.
  • No smart notifications.
  • No LCD display. Only LED lights for user interface.

Differences between Jawbone UP3 and UP4

  • With Jawbone UP4 you can make contactless payment using NFC enabled system which works with AMEX cards.
  • No password is required for wireless payments once your card is paired with Jawbone UP4.
  • The payment system works only at a contactless payment terminal where AMEX cards are accepted.
  • UP4 is available in two colors while the UP3 band is available in multiple colors.
  • Jawbone UP4 is priced slightly higher than UP3.

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Tips, features and usage for Jawbone UP3

  • With the new update, the Jawbone UP3 measures passive heart rate randomly all day long. However on demand HR tracking is not available.
  • The bio impedance sensors along with 3d axis accelerometers measure your heart rate and they are more efficient than the optical sensors found in most other fitness bands thus conserving battery life.
  • The alarm system is customizable and you can turn it off if not required.
  • A USB magnetic charger is included in the package.
  • If the phone is not in range or Bluetooth is off, the band stores the data temporarily and automatically synchronizes it wirelessly when the phone is available.
  • The band should not be submerged under water.
  • It tracks your steps while running but cannot track your steps when you are peddling on a bike.
  • The band works with iPhone, iPad and Android devices as well.
  • There is no elevation or stair tracking.
  • Since there is no LCD display on this band, you will have to rely heavily on the companion app to analyze your fitness data.
  • You will need to log your workout in the Jawbone app.
  • The band detects your sleep automatically.
  • Estimated calories burned will be calculated within the app using the fitness tracking data from the band. Calorie intake needs to be manually logged.
  • The skin temperature, respiration rate, galvanic skin response data from the sensors is used internally to calculate your calorie consumption.

Tips, features and usage for Jawbone UP4

  • Many users have successfully used the band for 1 to 2 days without synchronizing with the app. The data was stored and transmitted to the app automatically when the phone was in range. However data may be replaced / lost if your phone is kept out of sync for longer periods due to memory limitations on the band.
  • The contactless payment is currently working with Amex only. However you may have difficulty finding vendors who have the right equipment for this to work.
  • Most of the features are same as Jawbone UP3. No major changes have been made in UP4.
  • UP4 has a limited color choice. Only two colors are available.