For many, breakfast is the most popular and indispensable meal of the day. Therefore, start the day with a healthy breakfast. A healthy breakfast not only satisfies your hunger in the morning but also replenishes your energy depots, which have emptied overnight. Besides, the first meal of the day will give your metabolism a good boost, so you can start your day full of energy.

Healthy breakfast is the best prerequisite for better performance in everyday life because cereals, nuts, fruit or vegetables replenish your empty energy store and optimally supply your metabolism with vitamins and nutrients. If you are eating bread or rolls for breakfast, it is best to go for the whole grain version. A little low-fat cheese or a homemade spread with sprouts on top – delicious!

If you prefer muesli in the morning, then it is best to mix your own flakes, seeds, and nuts. That is healthier than the sugar-rich ready mixes from the supermarket. Overnight Oats, Smoothie-Bowl, and Protein Pancakes – A healthy breakfast will put you in a good mood, give you energy and can help you lose weight. 

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