Ladies, are you looking for a fashionable wearable that helps you keep track of your body and your mind? Bellabeat Leaf is a smart activity monitor for women. It has been designed as a nice piece of jewelry so that women can wear it as a pendant, a brooch or as a bracelet. Besides tracking activity, sleep and breathing, Bellabeat Leaf is also a period tracker and allows women to keep better track of their menstrual cycle. You can also see how your sleep quality changes during the cycle. Bellabeat Leaf is not only fitness oriented – it’s about achieving balance and well being through sleep tracking and breathing exercises.

Bellabeat Leaf – Device wearability

Most pieces of wearable tech can only be worn one way and most of them go on your wrist. However, not everyone wants to wear something on his or her wrists, especially if its jewelry related. You might be someone who does not like bracelets. Therefore, Bellabeat has made the Leaf very versatile and you can wear it in a number of different ways. One of the most common ways that people like to wear it is as a necklace.

When you get the Bellabeat Leaf, either it comes with your choice of the necklace or you can also get the companion bracelet. It will work with any kind of chain and it is very easy to switch it out and you can change it up every day if you want.  The other way you can wear it is as a clip. You can clip it on to any piece of clothing whether it’s your dress or your shirt or even your pants. Having this kind of versatility is great with this wearable especially when its something when you want to wear it to bed or maybe when you are exercising or going out.

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Bellabeat Leaf – Functionality

The Bellabeat Leaf may look like a very beautiful piece of jewelry, but it’s also incredibly smart. It tracks your activity and tracks your sleep. It can do breathing exercises as well if you wear it clipped onto your pants. When you wear the leaf at night, it also tracks your sleep. You will be able to see in the morning when you sync with the app whether you had a restless sleep or you slept really nice and deep. The light sleep shows as light shades of purple and the deep sleep is in the darker shades. It’s really nice to know what’s going on with your sleep and the Leaf also vibrates to wake you up in the morning.

Bellabeat Leaf – Charging & Battery

One of the best things about the Leaf is that you never have to charge it. All you have to do is use the included screwdriver to unscrew the back plate of the device and pop in the coin cell batteries to replace it. The batteries are supposed to last a year so you don’t have to replace them often. That is one of the benefits of this activity tracker over other wearables that you have to charge every night or even once a week. Chances are that you are likely to forget and it’s nice to not to worry about it.

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The LEAF app

In addition to activity, sleep and breathing, the app also keeps track of some of your other metrics. If you are a woman which most people who buy smart jewelry are, Bellabeat Leaf has reproductive health tracking for you. You can go right into your period log and you can see how long your cycle was. The app will let you know when you are about to have your period so you can be prepared. It will also show you fertility days if you want. You could also add a new pregnancy and Leaf will keep track of things and let you know when your due date is. It’s interesting to have these kind of features on an activity tracker because its not really something that most of them consider. This app is made specifically with women in mind so it tends to keep track of some of the things that you normally wouldn’t see in other fitness trackers.

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Bellabeat - the LEAF App

One of the other great things about this app is that it gives you some fun positive encouragement as you go around.  It encourages you to do well and make sure that you are living a very healthy life. The encouragement is in the form of smileys, funny things, comparisons, etc. It’s a unique thing that not a lot of fitness trackers do. It’s nice to get an overview of how well you are actually performing and if you are making any progress.