Welcome to life wearing a fitness tracker! These gadgets want to make us better people or at least healthier, more active people by counting our steps, distance, burned calories and increasingly much more. So guys, if you want some insight on what fitness watch to get for your lady, or ladies, if you want to find out what fitness devices are suitable for you, read further.

Ladies fitness wearables and trackers

So, what makes a good fitness wearable for a woman? Firstly, the design should obviously look good. It has to be comfortable, sleek, and lightweight. Secondly, both the device and the mobile app should be simple and practical. Nothing flashy and overcomplicated but something that works well and helps track basic fitness parameters. Considering that, given below are some great options to choose from.

Bellabeat Leaf Urban

Bellabeat Leaf is a very popular fashion tech accessory for woman. It comes in three different styles – Bellabeat Leaf Nature, Leaf Urban and Leaf Urban Impulse. This versatile tracker can be worn as a pendent or a bracelet. Leaf is water resistant and has a six month battery life. Sometimes we come home, forget to charge our smart jewelry or devices and then we forget to wear them. Therefore, Bellabeat has made it very easy with the non-rechargeable battery that can be replaced after six months.

What makes this smart jewelry so smart? Well, like most fashion tech accessories, the Leaf Urban not only tracks your activity but also your sleep, meditation and stress levels. Its companion app also tracks your period. The software provides users with a dashboard that acts as a kind of snapshot of their overall health.

Huami Amazfit Equator

The Amazfit fitness trackers are simply gorgeous. It’s a wearable type activity tracker that does all the fitness tracking most people pretty much likely need; all the while looking nothing like you would expect a fitness tracking wearable to appear. Designed to look like a traditional Chinese Jade pendant Amazfit is stunning yet simple object designed to catch your attention and look slick.

The Amazfit Equator ships with a simple rubber strap that weighs an incredibly light half an ounce, yet feels strong and resilient enough to withstand any beatings you might put on it while exercising. The strength comes in the design of the clasps or the dual clasp system that tightly clicks into the straps and makes it nearly impossible to accidentally wedge loose. The hypoallergenic material used here also means that it’s not going to irritate your skin throughout the day and that same idea is used when considering the Amazfit pendant itself.

This tracker’s ceramic body will fit just about anywhere, thanks to its doughnut shaped design. While you can certainly keep it on the strap it ships with, Amazfit also offers about a dozen other designs and ways to wear it, including as a necklace. The 14 gram tracker itself looks symmetrical and is made mostly out of ceramic. The bottom part is actually a polycarbonate material used to wirelessly charge the tracker’s 15 mAh battery.

The polycarbonate underside features an identical surface to the ceramic top. So it’s not at all obvious that there’s a top and bottom. Therefore having a device like this with no buttons and no ports only furthers its beauty as a piece of jewelry. This one looks great with just about any set of clothing and it’s a perfectly unisex object as well.

But what good is a fitness tracker if there’s no good software to interface with. Amazefit has done a good job of designing an app that’s both simple yet competent, offering stat tracking both during the daytime as well as sleep tracking throughout the night, all the while never having to manually set any kind of mode. The app will also give you some tips and tricks to get the most out of your exercises or sleep depending on your results and historical data but it doesn’t tie in with third-party services at all.

The vibration motor inside the Amazfit can be used for a number of different functions including vibrating when a call comes through, waking you up in the morning with a gentle vibration or using a strong loud vibration if you’ve lost the puck and need to find it. The size and possibility of losing it is definitely going to be a negative for some folks.

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Amazfit Equator is meant for casual fitness tracking rather than the hard core. That’s alright though because Amazfit has obviously been designed to be a chameleon in almost every aspect of its looks and it’s appropriate that this usage and pricing fit those structures as well. Those looking for automated stair climbing, heart rate stats or GPS coordinated tracking will need to spend more money on something like a Gear Fit 2, for example. But folks who just want something that accurately tracks their steps and sleep patterns and is also beautiful and relatively inexpensive, should definitely check Amazfit.

Michael Kors Crosby

Just like every other tracker out there, Michael Kors Crosby tracks your steps, calories, distance travelled as well as how many hours you sleep at night, if you keep it on, while you’re sleeping. However, it will have to be connected to your phone at all times to track steps. The band is kind of like a rubber material and is adjustable for girls who have small wrists. It looks pretty nice and you can wear this on an everyday basis and not feel too sporty with your outfit or anything.

The band looks stylish and it doesn’t really look like a typical activity tracker. It kind of just looks like a nice bracelet and no one really knows that it’s an activity tracker.  The app that you use with this tracker is called Michael Kors Access. You also can set your own goals of how many steps you want to reach.

If you’re really into fashion and or just really like Michael Kors brand and you want something on your wrist that doesn’t necessarily look like a tracker, then I think this is a great option.

Garmin Vivomove Classic

Vivomove from Garmin looks like a stylish analog watch but it’s also a hidden activity and sleep tracker. This is for users who don’t want to show that they are using an activity tracker and want it to look like a real watch they can wear in the office. Users simply strap the watch on, set the time and begin exercising. The Vivomove handles the rest.

Whenever you take a step, the e-ink pedometer gauge begins filling up on the left. Once you reach your targeted goal for steps, the meter reaches capacity. The red gauge on the right represents movement. The more you move, the more the meter depletes. A filled meter means you need to get up and move around.

Vivomove is waterproof down to 50 meters and since the watch does not have a digital display or any battery hogging features, the Vivomove’s coin battery will last up to a year. It syncs automatically via Bluetooth to the Garmin Connect app. The watch does not have a GPS or a heart rate sensor. There are no Smartphone notifications or any sort of vibration although it does include two secondary e-ink screens.

Nokia (Withings) Steel

Nokia Steel is a classic analog watch with a couple of smart features. There’s no digital display, no speakers and no controls on the watch. You’ve got the hour hand, the minute hand and a separate step counter below that. The entire tech and the smarts of the watch are modestly going on behind the scenes. The watch has a handful of sensors that count steps and track sleep. That info is then sent back to your phone, which is viewed from the Nokia Health Mate app. The app then works in tandem with the various sensors in the phone to turn all that collective data into something readable.

The watch uses a standard cell battery so there’s no charger and no downtime each night. It has automatic activity tracking and automatically detects if you’re asleep, awake, running or swimming as its waterproof. It also has a vibration motor, so you can set an alarm and it intelligently wakes you up if you are in a light sleep.

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The standard band that comes with the Steel is a soft silicone material. It also works with 18mm smart watch bands. Swapping the bands is relatively easy with little quick release tabs on the underside of the band. With steel, you don’t receive any notifications on your wrist, but you will get a clean classic looking design, long battery life and a basic fitness tracker.

Fitbit Alta HR

Alta HR is one of the thinnest fitness tracking device from Fitbit which has an in-built heart rate sensor and a touch tap display. If you value fashion over form, it is much more stylish when compared to the popular Fitbit Charge 2 tracker.  It’s much thinner and a lot more covert. Like most trackers from Fitbit, the bands are interchangeable and you can swap them for more premium materials like leather.

With Alta Fitbit introduced sleep insights and sleep stages to give you a better oversight of your sleep health. Along with sleep tracking, you get the usual activity tracking, like basic steps during the day, floors climbed, active minutes and more accurate calories burned statistics calculated based on your heart rate data and your movements. The distance data is derived from your phone’s GPS sensor. You get Smartphone notifications like callerID, text messages and calendar reminders.

The band is not waterproof and the battery life is around four days. Alta HR works with the Fitbit app that is available on the web, iOS, Android and Windows 10. It combines all of your fitness, sleep, diet and workout data into a visual graphical easy to read layout.

Fitbit Flex 2

Flex 2 is the first fitness tracker from Fitbit that is swim proof up to 154 feet. So you need not take it off while showering or swimming. It automatically tracks your workout activities like walking, running, biking and swimming (laps and duration). The band is slim, lightweight and easily blends in as a bracelet on your wrist. It does not come with other bells and whistles like a heart rate monitor. You can also pop the tracker right out of the band and pop it into a different color. In addition there are also silver and gold bangles and necklaces to choose from.

The tracker lacks a display and instead uses vibration and five tiny LED lights to tell you how close you are to reaching your step goal, to remind you to move and to alert you to incoming calls and text messages. The device is geared towards those who just want to keep track of their steps or get into healthier habits. The Flex 2 also tracks your sleep and comes with up to five days of battery life. Flex 2 is perfect for those who want to move more. It gives you a little notification buzz every hour to remind you to get up and move around. This will help you to keep your metabolism up throughout the day.

Misfit Ray

The Misfit Ray fitness band looks quite different from the Misfit Shine which is probably their most famous product. It has a small form factor and is quite stylish. The baseline Misfit Ray strap comes with a rubber type band and is quite comfortable. The tracker is designed in the shape of a small tube and you can also wear it as a necklace. The device is made from anodized aluminum and the non rechargeable coin cell battery lasts for about six months. This is also water resistant for up to 50 meters so for those of you that actually do swimming, this is an ideal fitness tracker.

In terms of running and walking, Ray does an excellent job and will easily track that with no issue at all. It also tracks your sleep, calories burned, steps and also the distance travelled. To track your progress, you need to double tap on the device and the LED lights up to tell you how you are progressing towards your step target. The blue notification lights up when you have an incoming text or call along with a light vibration on the wrist. Functionally, the Ray is same as any other activity tracker but it looks less like a wearable and more like an adornment.

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Mira Activity Bracelet

Mira is a beautiful wellness bracelet and app designed for women to lead healthier and happier lives. The tracking unit is releasable from the metal bracelet and can be clipped on to your sports bra or your clothing, if you want to be a little more discreet. The app shows your step count, the calories you burned, distance you travel and your elevation. You also get suggestions to help you make your activities even better.

The bracelet is very fashionable and you don’t have to sacrifice your personal style to track your steps. You can also stack it with your other bracelets.  The bracelet is made up of surgical grade steel and is available in four different colors.

Samsung Charm

The Samsung Charm is an inexpensive lifestyle band accessory that is available in three different colors. It tracks your daily activities, burned calories, counts your steps using a pedometer and notifies you of messages, phone calls or alerts from third party apps using color LED lights. Sleep data is very basic and it only tracks the number of hours you have slept.

This smart band is very lightweight, slim and has a beautiful discreet design geared towards a female audience. The band is comfortable to wear for long hours and days. The tracker lacks a vibration motor which enhances its battery life of up to 14 days.

Misfit Swarovski Shine

Who says tech can’t be beautiful? Swarovski and Misfit have teamed up to present the activity tracking jewelry series called the Swarovski Shine. These come in a variety of different forms such as bracelets and pendants. They include a workout tracker, a rubberized band and other accessories which work with the original Misfit Shine. They are water resistant up to 50 meters.

Misfit fitness trackers are already popular with women as they are more subtle. They track your exercise and sleep as well. The whole point behind the collection is to offer women a variety of styles that they can take them from day to night and on any occasion. The battery is non chargeable and needs to be replaced every six months.

Jawbone UP3

Jawbone UP3 is a slim and lightweight activity tracker that looks like a bracelet and comfortably fits on your wrist. It comes with a metal clamp that buckles up and ensures that your tracker does not fall while you are working out or sleeping. Using this device is fairly easy. Just download the app on your Android or iOS Smartphone. The device syncs wirelessly and the app gives you insights to your daily fitness activities. The app also gives you tips and helps you set goals as well.

UP3 comes with a USB charger and its battery is good enough to survive for up to seven days on a single charge. This device is a stylish and fashion friendly variable that tracks your activity both day and night.

Riversong Wave HR Tracker

The Wave from Riversong is an extremely lightweight fitness tracker. Weighing just 19 grams, you can basically forget that it’s resting on your wrist the entire day. Although you may forget that it’s on your wrist, when you do glance at it, it isn’t that eyesore in the least. Going along with the design, the device is very responsive. Getting through the interface is simple. All you need to do to go through the different screens is tap near the bottom of the watch. It is no nonsense and just works well.

The tracker has a vibration motor for incoming call notifications.  Charging is really simple. When you flip the watch over, you’ll find a small charging logo on one side of the watch. You just pull that side of the band off the fitness tracker and you’ll see a blue USB that you can plug into a USB port in order to charge the device.

Once you’ve installed the H band app and connected to your Riversong band, you can view how many steps you’ve taken, how many hours you slept the previous night and your heart rate. There’s also a running tab where the fitness tracker can track your runs. The battery life however is really low.  You get only two days before having to recharge.