Fitbit and Apple are the two clear frontrunners in the race between wearable tech companies. Fitbit, the unequivocal winner in the fitness tracking space has jumped into the Smartwatch arena with Fitbit Blaze. Fitbit Blaze is a fitness tracker that happens to be a watch. On the other hand, the Apple watch is like a mini computer that you are going to put on your wrist, which also happens to be a fitness tracker.

Compare apple watch and fitbit blaze


When it comes to the design, it’s clear that Fitbit is not yet fit for the runway. The Apple watch is far more comfortable and stylish. The modular design of the Blaze is great for swapping bands but the gap between the screen and the metal enclosure looks ugly. The Apple watch is actually slightly bulkier and heavier than the Blaze and this is purely because of its premium materials.


The Fitbit Blaze has an interchangeable bezel as well as bands whereas the Apple watch only has interchangeable bands. Despite this, the Apple watch has a huge variety of watch faces that you can choose from the watch interface itself. Unfortunately, for the Fitbit you actually have to open up the app to change the watch faces and even then, you only have a choice between one of four watch faces.


The Apple watch benefits from Ion-X glass which gives it extreme clarity whereas the Fitbit Blaze has Gorilla Glass which gives it extreme durability. Also the interchangeable bezel means that any damaged components can be swapped out.


The Apple watch blows the Fitbit out of the water with a huge dedicated store full of apps, games and much more. The Blaze comes with three Fitstar workouts which are customized workouts pre installed in the watch.

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The Fitbit blaze can handle calls, text and calendar notifications whereas the Apple watch can handle pretty much anything your phone can, including Facebook Messenger. On the Apple watch, you can also reply to messages as well, which is not possible with the Fitbit.

You can also ping your phone with your Apple watch and your phone will beep wherever it is. So, if you don’t know where your phone is, just hit a button on your Apple watch to locate it.

Fitness tracking

Since Fitbit is primarily focused on fitness, it provides better activity tracking features. Both devices count steps, calories and heart rate. Neither of them has a built-in GPS to track your runs. Sleep tracking on the Fitbit is far superior as it is built into the tracker. With the Apple watch you will need to download a separate app to track your sleep.

Fitbit tracks your elevation and stairs climbed independent of your phone whereas the Apple watch need your phone in order to tell you what elevation changes have taken place throughout the day.

Water resistance

Fitbit Blaze is splash resistant and is not meant for swimming. Similarly the Apple watch 1st generation cannot be used while swimming.

Battery and charging

The Apple watch has a nice magnetic seat that it sits on and it can also to be adapted into an alarm clock. On the other hand, the Fitbit blaze has an old-fashioned style cradle which you have to open and correctly position the pins and drop the lid on.

Fitbit is superior to the Apple watch when it comes to battery life. The Apple watch needs to be charged every 24 hours whereas the battery in the Fitbit Blaze will last for around five days before needing a charge and even then, it only takes two hours to charge the device fully.

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