What do you want? Do you want to lose weight, build muscles, or improve your fitness? It would be helpful to have a smart weighing scale to keep track of your weight changes. Besides displaying your weight, Fitbit Aria has other features that make your journey towards your dream figure easier.

Fitbit Aria Personal scale: First impressions

At first glance, the Fitbit Aria gives off a very elegant impression. Its white, slim design features straight, modern lines. Darker versions are also available. It is rather light in weight at 1.93 kg. This scale has an elegant polished glass surface that matches any bathroom, bedroom or fitness room. A tough glass surface, as well as an ABS underside, make a strong impression.

Despite its low diameter of 5.5 cm, the round display with backlight is clearly visible. A user can choose whether to display weight or body fat percentage. The weight can be displayed in kilograms, pounds, or stones. Measurements range from nine to 158 kilograms. A pair of AA batteries that are provided in the package is required for operation of the scale. The Fitbit Aria scale won’t be affected by splashing water. However, you shouldn’t immerse Aria in the water.

As the Aria scale conducts electricity through the human body to measure body fat, it should not be used by people with pacemakers or who are pregnant.

Fitbit Aria smart scale


In the past, weighing scales just displayed the weight. A fitness scale now offers a little more intelligence than other scales. Several data items are presented to the user, including weight, body mass index, lean mass and body fat percentage. BMI is calculated on the basis of weight and height and a bio-impedance analysis is used to calculate the percentage of body fat. Fitbit uses its Fitbit Dashboard to show you your historical weight.

In the Fitbit Dashboard, you can see your body’s progress in simple diagrams and curves. It can be accessed via computer or app via smartphone and tablet. Consequently, the scale can wirelessly synchronize statistics with all devices since it is WiFi-enabled. Fitness trackers like Fitbit Charge are compatible with Fitbit Aria as well. You will be able to accomplish your goals with the assistance of a calorie coach.

Family-friendly, Fitbit Aria recognizes as many as eight users. Differentiating between them is carried out automatically based on the values determined. Profiling works smoothly as long as the users have differing weights and body fat percentages. The Aria keeps your measurements safe so you don’t have to share them with other users.

Fitbit dashboard and synchronization

A WLAN scale has the advantage of constantly keeping an eye on your weight and your body composition. The constant synchronization allows you to evaluate your data no matter where you are. It saves the weighing results in case the wireless connection is lost and forwards them later.

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So staying on top of what you eat and what you do is possible. By using the Fitbit app you can keep track of your dietary intake, your daily activities, and much more in a colourful statistic. You can use it to track the following things:

  • Weight
  • Nutrition
  • Activities
  • Sleep
  • Heartbeat/pulse rate
  • Blood pressure readings
  • Blood sugar levels

The statistics can be shared with friends and family via Facebook, Twitter or WordPress. Users can set all data to private, if they don’t wish it to be public.

As mentioned, the Fitbit Aria’s circular display is quite small. This also means that the scale can only display one measurement result at a time. However, Fitbit Dashboard and App can be used to display multiple results at once. It is easy to read the letters and numbers displayed. Unfortunately, reading long continuous texts becomes a little tedious.

First time use

In case the system is connected to a Wi-Fi network, all one has to do is stand barefoot on the scale. When you step on the scale, the display illuminates immediately with no keys to press. Fitbit Aria displays your weight instantly. The fitbit-recorded data is then sent via WLan to fitbit.com so you can view it online immediately afterward.

With the Fitbit App on your smartphone or tablet, you can easily set up your device to automatically connect. Initial installation takes just a few minutes because the setup is simple and intuitive.

The measurement results

Weight and body fat levels should be displayed as accurately as possible on a reliable personal scale. Compared to the accuracy of other scales, Fitbit Aria’s weight determination is convincing and the deviation is in the grams range. Whenever you climb the Aria scale more than once, it shows minimal changes in weight.

This scale calculates body fat percentages by measuring the resistance of the body. Aria scales do not have a handheld device, so they only conduct current from one foot to the other. The upper body fat content of this measurement is not taken into account, so it is estimated. This measurement is often less accurate than the measurement with an additional handle. It is however enough to determine the evolution of the body fat percentage over a long period.

Tips for weighing

Finally, a few general tips on weighing:

  • Place the Fitbit Aria on a level surface without carpet.
  • Step on the scale without shoes or socks.
  • Always weigh yourself at the same time of day (preferably in the morning before breakfast) and undressed.
  • Daily weight fluctuations are normal. To prevent frustration, weigh yourself once a week on a certain day of the week.

Fitbit Aria 2 – Digital wireless smart scale

Our daily lives are increasingly connected with gadgets. Wearables like the Flex 2, smart watches like the Ionic, Versa, and Vivoactive 3, intelligent assistants like the Amazon Echo, they’re everywhere, and they’re becoming almost indispensable. The Fitbit Aria 2 smart scale replaces the Aria 1 smart scale, which was an innovative smart scale of its time.

Aria 2 – First impressions

Aria 2 comes with a simple, elegant design and is packaged in a box that’s barely larger than the actual scale. Its calculations include determining your weight and BMI, your percentage of fat and lean body mass.  

In addition, users have the option to use wireless synchronization and save up to 8 profiles individually. Fitbit will automatically sync this information to your smartphone via Bluetooth.

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You should not use this product if you are pregnant or if you wear a pacemaker or any other medical implants. Also, the scale is not appropriate for use by children under the age of 13 years and it may be slippery when wet. Likewise, the glass tray must also be handled carefully to prevent it from breaking.

Technical specifications:

  • Power supply: 3 AA batteries
  • Compatibility: iOS/Android
  • Wi-Fi: yes
  • Bluetooth: yes
  • Display: LCD screen
  • Dimensions (H x W x D): 31.2 x 31.2 x 3.3 cm
  • Weight: 1.93 kg
  • Units: kg, lbs
  • Maximum mass: 181 kg
Fitbit Aria 2 wifi weighing scale

Getting started

Setting up the scale is pretty straightforward once it’s out of the package. To remove the battery cover, remove the small tab at the back. Install the application if you haven’t already done so. Your scale will appear on your Smartphone or tablet once it is turned on. If you locate it, you will be prompted to configure your WiFi and weigh yourself. You will be asked to enter a 4-digit code from your scale. Additionally, you’ll have to pick from a bunch of adorable icons, which becomes your avatar once chosen.

Fitbit recommends you weigh yourself each morning at a roughly fixed time to keep track of your weight. Weight loss, weight gain, or weight maintenance is all possible. After configuring it, you can place it wherever you want.

Over 200 iOS, Android or Windows devices are compatible with Aria 2. Its body is made of tempered glass. White or black are the available colors. With rounded edges, the square shape is elegant, but simple, measuring 31.2 cm by 31.2 cm. It weighs 1.93 kg and has a thickness of 33.4 mm. The device is powered by three AA batteries.

Usage and functions

My Fitbit watch, coupled with precise monitoring, enables even greater motivation. Being able to look at my progress over time and see everything in one place motivates and rewards me all the more.

Operating it is very easy. Once you’re on the scale, wait for the weighing. A small icon will be displayed if it recognizes you. Then step off the scale and let it synchronize. Do not panic if you see a question mark next to the word “guest”. If you’re a guest, it will ask you. Press your foot on the scale’s right side if the user icon that appears is yours. Press the left side of the scale if the user icon is not yours.  Athletes, trainers, or beginners can all benefit from it. There have been no problems with synchronization so far.

Fitbit Coach and follow-up

I let myself be tempted by the Fitbit Coach program, a paid, personalized sports program, because I had a connected scale, a connected watch and a desire to lose a few kilos. You’ll find a choice of several programs after signing into your Fitbit account: slimming, daily dose, fitness, and power. Initially, you will go through training, then you will begin your program. In addition to marking each exercise as perfect, easy or brutal, you will need to record your time as well. Hence, you’ll be able to adjust the program to your abilities.

With Chromecast, you will also be able to cast the videos directly on your TV. Some minor caveats nevertheless must be addressed. While casting, the phone remains unlocked. Therefore, your screen is on all the time and rapidly lowers the battery. Even if it is good to provide feedback to each exercise so that the program can be tweaked, it is a little uncomfortable to pause every half minute for a response.

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I followed the slimming program, which recommended exercising four times a week. The scale showed a -1kg loss after 2 weeks of training. Also, you will be able to record the foods you eat. You’ll also find out if you are eating too much if you know your weight, fat and lean body mass.

Comparing Fitbit Aria and Aria 2

Aria 2 was launched in December 2017, six years after Fitbit’s first smart scale. Basic concept remains the same; it can still measure weight and body fat. Body Mass Index (BMI) is calculated when combined with a Fitbit App.

Differences Aria and Aria 2 – Wlan, Bluetooth

A few key differences exist under the hood. With the first Aria, only a few Wlan channels were supported, which caused problems for some routers. A new radio module that works with all routers is installed on the Aria 2.

The Bluetooth radio is a new feature, which is especially useful for setting up the scale for the first time. The app pairs the scale with the Fitbit and then connects it to the home’s WLAN.

Differences Aria and Aria 2 – Measuring and Weighing

Fitbit states that the new model is more accurate than the previous one, but it does not elaborate further. A weak current is passed through the soles of the feet and over the pelvis in order to measure the body fat percentage. Bioelectrical impedance analysis is a method for determining the percent of fat based on the resistance measured. But to make this work, we advise you to remove your socks and place your feet on the scales completely dry. Using the Fitbit app, the Body Mass Index (BMI) is calculated after weighing.

Differences Aria and Aria 2 – Display

Another improvement is the display, which displays in a slightly brighter color and with a finer resolution.

Differences Aria and Aria 2 – Recommendation

It is not worthwhile to update Aria for people who don’t have any issues. Buy the new model if you are a new Aria user or you have problems with your Wi-Fi.

Aria Air: Fitbit presents a smart scale at a low price

A couple of weeks before IFA 2019, Fitbit presented two new products – Aria Air, a smart scale, and Fitbit Versa 2, which is a smartwatch. In terms of features, it might not bring any truly ground-breaking innovations, but its low price is even more impressive. It is nearly half the price of the previous Fitbit Aria 2, which is part of the same product family.

Fitbit Aria Air Bluetooth scale

Difference Between Fitbit Aria Air and Aria 2

The lower-cost Aria Air connects to the Fitbit app via Bluetooth. It does not connect to a Wi-Fi network. So, in this way, the BMI can be calculated based on the weight it measures. However, it cannot differentiate between fat, water, muscle mass like the Aria 2.

In the app, you can track your weight over time. Fitbit Air is supposed to have a strong performance especially in how it interacts with the data collected via other Fitbit wearables such as heart rate, activity, sleep quality, and nutrition.

Set weight goals with the support of the community

Fitbit app users can interact with Fitbit community members on nutrition, weight, and composition. Fitbit Premium, Fitbit’s new subscription service, is also compatible with Aria Air.