Fitbit Alta vs Fitbit Charge 2 – Comparison Chart


Alta is one of the best looking budget activity trackers from Fitbit with SmartTrack feature while Fitbit Charge 2 is a serious upgrade to its previous generation. Fitbit started with fitness tracking devices such as Flex and One and became one of the forefront companies in the fitness wearables market.

Fitbit Alta and Charge2 Comparison Table

Product Fitbit Alta Fitbit Charge 2
Image Product Details Product Details
Release Date March 2016 September 2016
Display OLED tap OLED tap
Weight 31g 37g
Connectivity Bluetooth 4.0 Bluetooth 4.0 / USB
Battery Life 5 days approx. 5 days approx.
Compatibility Android, iOS, Mac, Windows Android, iOS, Mac, Windows
Water resistance 1ATM (Splash resist, no swimming) 1ATM (Splash resist, no swimming)
Interchangeable straps Yes Yes
Tracking Steps, Distance, Sleep, Calories burned, active minutes Steps, Distance, Sleep, Calories burned, active minutes
Auto sleep detect Yes Yes
Auto exercise detection Yes Yes
Built-in Heart Rate sensor No Yes
Silent alarm Yes Yes
Colors Black, Teal, Blue, Plum and special editions Black, Teal, Blue, Plum and special editions
Size Small, Large, XL Small, Large, XL
Notifications Caller ID, Text, Calendar Caller ID, Text, Calendar
Elevation / Stairs climbed No Yes
Altimeter No Yes
GPS No Connected GPS linked to Smartphone sensor
Clock Display Yes (Lasts about 5 seconds) Yes (Lasts about 5 seconds)
Guided breathing sessions No Yes
Hourly step goals Yes Yes
Cardio zones including VO2 Max No Yes
Wireless dongle included Yes No
Stopwatch No Yes
Buttons No One button on side
Music control No No
Real time HR display No Yes

Fitbit Alta Overview

Alta is one of the most attractive fitness trackers released by Fitbit. It is sleeker than previous models and is intended to hug a smaller wrist more like jewelry than a gadget. Plus you can swap out bands by removing the tracker. Similar to other fitness trackers you’ll get your typical things like sleep monitoring, activity tracking, silent alarms and it has a solid battery life.

The device comes with a touch OLED display and has a bit of a learning curve. The screen does not respond to swiping action but you will need to tap to access various modes. There are also some SmartWatch like notifications such as incoming calls, text alerts and calendar updates. Workouts are tracked by the built-in SmartTrack feature. You also don’t need to press any buttons for it to know when you are sleeping.

Fitbit Charge 2 Overview

Charge 2 is the next iteration of Fitbit’s most popular fitness tracker – Charge HR. The design is sleeker, the display is larger and more vivid, the bands are interchangeable and it uses connected GPS which is a clever idea. It has a built-in continuous heart rate monitor so that you get a better estimate of your calories burned while doing any activity.

With Charge 2 you get move reminders, silent alarm, all day activity tracking, active minutes and auto sleep tracking.  You can sync wirelessly via USB or Bluetooth to access the Fitbit application on most platforms. Charge 2 also features auto recognition of sports so you don’t need to tag them yourself. Smart notifications have improved to include text messages with previews and calendar reminder along with incoming calls.

Similarities between Fitbit Alta and Charge 2

  • Both devices track activity and sleep patterns. They track major metrics like steps using a built-in accelerometer and also calculate calories consumed.
  • They synchronize with the Fitbit application through iOS, Android, Windows PC, Windows phone, Mac and Web using Bluetooth.
  • Both have silent alarms and inactivity reminders.
  • Battery life is around five days for each one of these devices.
  • None of them are water proof so you should not take them swimming or in the shower.
  • Both can detect your exercises automatically.
  • Both detect sleep automatically.
  • Bands are interchangeable for both trackers.
  • Both have a tap OLED display.
  • Both devices can notify you of caller ID, text and calendar events.

Differences between Fitbit Alta and Charge 2

  • The display on Charge 2 is better and bigger than Fitbit Alta. Users found Charge 2 display easier to read in sunlight than the Alta display.
  • Fitbit Alta is more slender and it looks more like an accessory than an activity tracker.
  • Fitbit Charge 2 has guided breathing sessions to provide you relaxation whenever you are stressed.
  • Charge 2 also has a connected GPS system which uses your Smartphone GPS sensor to track your distance and route.
  • Charge 2 measures your heart rate continuously without attaching an external HR chest strap.
  • Charge 2 tracks your heart rate workout zones automatically.
  • Charge 2 features a more durable stainless steel buckle on the strap.
  • Fitbit Alta comes with a wireless dongle to connect with a PC using Bluetooth.
  • Charge 2 wristband is buckle type while Alta wristband has a slimmer pop-clasp design.
  • Charge 2 gives you a better fitness rating as it includes cardio fitness level including VO2 Max in its calculations.
  • Fitbit Alta does not have any buttons while Charge 2 has one button on the side to cycle through different modes.

Wearable heart rate tracking

Tips, features and usage for Fitbit Alta

  • Fitbit Alta comes in three sizes – Small, Large and XL.
  • It does not have always on display. It lights up when you bring your wrist up.
  • Both charging cable and wireless dongle for syncing with your PC are included in the box.
  • It does not have stopwatch functionality.
  • You can choose between different clock faces.
  • Workout session data is stored in the tracker in case your phone is out of range. It will sync automatically once you bring your Smartphone within the Bluetooth range of your tracker.
  • Alta does not track REM sleep. It only tracks how long you slept or if you had a disturbed sleep.
  • You can also view steps, time, date, miles and battery level on the display screen.
  • It can be connected to your computer / laptop in case you don’t want to use your Smartphone. Use the web based Fitbit application to login and sync fitness date to your account.
  • The display has an option to be set to vertical or horizontal orientation.

Tips, features and usage for Fitbit Charge 2

  • Flip your wrist or tap to view time. Time displays for about 5 seconds.
  • Charge 2 has stopwatch functionality.
  • The display is clear and is easily readable even in bright daylight.
  • Small, large and XL size available.
  • Charge 2 will notify you of text messages (First 40 characters) by vibrating and the message is available for about one minute. The messages are not stored on the device.
  • You can setup multiple silent alarms.
  • You will need to carry your phone for GPS functionality to work.
  • You can view your heart rate on the device display in real time even if you do not have your phone with you.
  • Users reported a charging time of about two hours.
  • The box includes a USB charging cord.
  • Unlike Fitbit Surge or Blaze you cannot control music on your phone from Charge 2.