Want to be the best dog owner you can be? Thanks to a little device called FitBark, dog lovers can now monitor their dog’s activity level at all times leading to a healthier and a happier pup. The FitBark dog fitness tracker tracks the dog’s physical activity and energy level 24/7 throughout the day. This allows the owners to use their mobile app to check up on their dogs anytime they want even when they are miles away at work or travelling.

FitBark is a way to understand the health and the behavior of your dog so that you can take better care of them. It’s just like a Nike FuelBand or a FitBit tracker to keep you healthy. It’s also a way to talk about your dog because we want to keep all the family connected around the life of our dog. If dog is a man’s best friend then its only appropriate that we give them wearable tech as well.

Benefits of FitBark Dog Activity Tracker

The cool thing is that it gives you a lot more activity data and information about your pet. For example, if you look at the home screen of the app on your Smartphone, you can get a sense of what kind of a day your dog is having compared to his baseline or compared to the dogs of the same breed. So you can tell all right today from nine to ten a.m. my dog is getting 300 points of activity but he usually gets 400…what happened?

By looking at the time spent doing different things throughout the day, you can get a sense of what is going on. For example, your dog sleeps 14 hours a day but today he slept 21 hours, then maybe he is starting to feel sick. This dog activity tracker is also perfect if you are dog sitting and do not know their habits. It would be hard to gauge how much activity you need to give him. Therefore, with something like this where you have that historical data, you can see if your pet is going on or off or if he  is getting lazy.

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Another great feature of this platform is that they have separated the link between Bluetooth and WiFi. This allows the product to be incredibly tiny and fashionable. There is a separate base station, which has the WiFi link, and it synchronizes  any number of FitBark enabled dogs. The fact that this dog activity tracker uses low energy Bluetooth connection means that it’s rechargeable battery will last longer. The battery charges using a standard micro USB plug.

Many people use dog walkers mostly because of the lack of backyards to let their dogs out and they would want to know whether the dog walker was there on time and doing it right. If you pay someone to walk your dog, how do you know if they really walk the dog and for how long? FitBark as a dog activity tracker fits this demand of dog owners as well as dog walkers or doggy daycare owners. Dog walkers / dog day cares can also promote themselves or their brand as a responsible dog service.

FitBark – Usage and Features

Fitness trackers are not just for humans. FitBark straps around your dog’s collar to let you know more about your pet’s general fitness, sleeping quality and habits. This dog fitness tracker can be used on dogs of all shapes and sizes. It’s strapped to your dog’s collar with a tight rubber band and according to the makers the little bone shaped gadget can last up to two weeks between charges. The device is water resistant too and as long as you keep the rubber cap on the back secure, it can survive muddy walks.

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The free FitBark app is packed with interesting facts and figures on your pets health. Synching the FitBark through Bluetooth was hassle free and we didn’t run into any major problems when pairing. The first time you open the app you will be asked some basic questions. Once FitBark knows the breed and age of your pet its ready to serve up some more reliable feedback. Movement measured by FitBark is converted into points and these points are split into categories. Playtime, active time and rest time are all recorded and the challenge for dog owners is to make sure that their dog hits the day’s target.

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If you know somebody else with a FitBark, you can follow another dog and compare their progress with your pet. The FitBark does not have any location tracking features built into the hardware as other similar devices do, so sadly you can’t use it to find your lost dog. Overall, it’s a fun and an easy way to keep an eye on your pet’s health.