There are many pulling aids and grip aids in the fitness market, for example lifting gloves, wrist straps, etc. The use (power-lifting, bodybuilding, CrossFit) and personal preferences are often decisive for the purchase. Today, I would like to introduce you to a relatively new variant of pulling aids and give you my conclusion. I am talking about the Cobra Grips V2 from Grip Power Pads. I would like to thank Grip Power Pads for providing these grip aids.

Cobra Grips V2 review

What makes the Cobra Grip V2 different from other common pulling aids?

The first thing you notice is the design. One thing is clear: Design is always a matter of taste. But the Cobra Grips V2 are right at the forefront here, they look noble and very stylish. The name says it all here, the shape of the “Cobra” is recognizable. The big difference to pulling aids such as lifting handles, hooks or straps is in its usage. The Cobra Grips V2 can be used both as a pulling aid and as a grip aid. Personally, I don’t like the “pads” between the dumbbells and the palm (for example for curls or KH bench presses), but the pads are ideal for hot days and sweaty hands to prevent accidental slipping.

When used as a pulling aid, the Cobra Grips V2 show their full potential. In contrast to conventional pulling aids, which I like to use for cross lifting, they do not have to be wrapped around the bar or the handle for use, but are simply clamped between the bar and the handle by the fingers. This gives two great advantages. On one hand, the pulling aids are ready for use quickly, which is especially important for drop sets, and it does not transfer the load to the wrist as much as with conventional pulling aids. Personally, I often have the problem that the straps cut into the wrist enormously when the weight is high, for example when lifting crosswise.

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The Cobra Grips V2 are attached to the wrist by Velcro fasteners and are fixed there. No slipping, no wobbling, no unpleasant scratching. The padding is good and whoever thinks the Velcro fastener might open – no way! This thing holds securely. The Cobra Grips V2 are available in different versions for women and men. I have chosen the “Limited Edition”. Very nice and praiseworthy is the included storage bag and other manufacturers can learn from this.

My conclusion about Cobra Grips V2

I am a fan of old-school training. At the beginning, I was skeptical about grip security and extra support in training, but it proved me wrong. The Cobra Grips V2 from Grip Power Pads deserve a clear recommendation. Decisive for my evaluation was the fast setup of the grip aids in training with drop sets and super sets plus its great design and workmanship. The grip aids provide what they promise, the reviews of buyers speak for themselves and the price is also okay.