Many pedometers are available as apps, bracelets, and clip-ons. They are frequently used by non-professionals, in addition to athletes, to get more exercise in their daily lives.

Omron HJ325 Alvita – Your assistant on the way to a healthy lifestyle

Monitor your activities easily with the Omron HJ325. Those who wish to get a better sense of their body can certainly use this device. Today, most people are sedentary. They sit at their desks, looking at a computer. The importance of movement can’t be overlooked by anyone.

This pedometer is based on a precise, three-level 3D sensor. The LCD display is large enough for easy reading. With a pedometer, you can measure steps, distance traveled, and calorie consumption. For weight loss, the last option is quite useful. Keeping track of the number of calories consumed is helpful in sticking to a specific diet.

A CR2032 battery powers the Omron HJ325 pedometer. If we use the device 12 hours a day, it can work for six months with a CR2032 battery.

Wear the device like a belt clip or place it in your bag. A pedometer like this offers high accuracy and reliability, regardless of where it is placed on the body.

Fast aerobic steps

This step counter measures aerobic steps, which is an important feature. The aerobic steps are the steps taken by a person when he or she moves at a rate faster than 60 steps per minute for a considerable period of time.

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Monitor your activity

The step counter Omron HJ325 can operate in action mode. Under this mode, it tells you your steps, distance traveled, and calories burnt for an extended time of day or during the week. You can also quickly attain your goals. You will also know precisely when to increase your activity level.

Power saving mode

The unit switches automatically to power save mode after 1 minute if it doesn’t lock in motion. The goal is to save battery power. As soon as you resume activity, the pedometer counts your steps. Data recorded by the pedometer is stored in the device’s memory. The pedometer’s memory capacity is 7 days.

RealAlt 3D TriSport – Pedometer with Clip

A popular simple step counter is the Realalt TriSport Walking 3-D. With the 3D TriAxis sensor technology, you can wear it around your neck, clip it to your waistband, or place it in your pocket.

The 3D TriSport measures:

  • The number of steps,
  • The distance traveled (in km or miles),
  • The calories burned and the
  • Active time

Your progress and fitness goals can be tracked for 30 days with the device.

The setup is very simple.

You first enter the date and time and decide whether you want to use the 12 or 24 hour system, and km or miles.

Then you enter your personal data:

  • Step length (to calculate the distance)
  • Weight (to calculate the calories burned) and
  • Daily goal (e.g. 10,000 steps)

The 3D TriSport is fully autonomous. There is no need to use Bluetooth to connect to a smartphone. No data is transferred to the Internet from the device. Likewise, it’s a good choice for children and seniors.

Our experience with the 3D TriSport

It can be a little confusing to set up. We studied the manual first so we could do the setup. On the back of the device, there is a foil that prevents the CR2032 battery from being discharged. For this, you are provided with a small screwdriver. This method enables you to open the battery compartment and screw it back again.

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You need to enter the step length manually. Many fitness trackers calculate step length automatically. It is easiest to do this by taking 10 steps, measuring the distance, and dividing that distance by 10.

The steps are measured with great accuracy. Occasionally, it can’t differentiate between a step and other movements. It adds a few steps when driving over stones or cycling over bumpy roads. A small deviation from this pattern is normal and does not significantly affect the daily goal.

The pedometer includes a sturdy clip and a lanyard. A clip like this is always useful and you don’t even notice it while wearing it.

Clearly visible, the large display shows the number of steps and time. There is no illumination in the display.

The steps do not reset to zero at midnight. Press the reset button, to manually reset the total number to zero.

Garmin Running Dynamics Pod for serious athletes

Running without a chest strap previously meant failing to analyze detailed running data. Garmin Running Dynamics Pod’s innovative features are now changing this. At 12 grams, the Pod is incredibly light, so you can easily clip it to your sports trousers. 

As soon as you run, the Pod starts recording and transmitting data. The Running Dynamics Pod measures running behavior and movements. These metrics are routed to the Garmin watch via ANT+ protocol.

Running Dynamics Pod is compatible with the Garmin Forerunner 935 and 735 XT series, as well as models of the Chronos and Fenix 5 line.

Garmin Connect helps visualize the running efficiency values. Statistics about running behavior not only show strengths and weaknesses but also show unhealed injuries or training deficits.

Garmin Running Dynamics Pod delivers running analysis data

Runners can benefit a lot from the Garmin Running Dynamics Pod. It offers them greater insight into their running style and helps them to make more informed decisions while running.

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Running Dynamics Pod sensors sit comfortably on the waistband, not on your running shoe. Almost the size of a walnut, it weighs just 12 grams. A battery lasts about one year if you use it for about an hour daily.

Running Dynamics Running analysis without chest strap

Without Garmin’s HRM/TRI chest straps, the runner can record the following data regarding his running behavior:

  • vertical movement
  • vertical ratio
  • step frequency
  • stride length
  • ground contact time
  • left-right balance