Fashion conscious people like to accessorize their wrist bands with stylish activity trackers.  Interchangeable bracelets personalize their look with ease. It is possible to wear your tracker discreetly on your belt or clothing if you prefer not to wear it on your wrist.

Fitbit Inspire replaces the Fitbit Zip clip-on tracker

I bought my first Fitbit in November 2013. Since it wasn’t too expensive, I bought a Fitbit Zip. I decided that I needed a replacement fitness tracker after realizing my Zip was no longer compatible with my new smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy Note 9. Fitbit promised the Zip would work again with its next update.

It was unlikely, though. The Zip did not seem to have changed at all, and it had become less reliable. A replacement was needed in 2019.

Activity trackers that aren’t worn on the wrist are not widely available. All that remained was the Fitbit Inspire with a clip. A Zip successor with an add-on clip costs almost twice as much as a Zip.

Inspire series – used as a wristband or can be clipped on

Inspire and Inspire HR bring Fitbit back to its roots. These trackers can be worn on the wrist or you can clip them to your belt or trouser pocket.

About ten years ago, Fitbit adopted step counters that clipped to the trousers. Fitbit Inspire users can also do this if they separate the device from the wristband. It should appeal to everyone who is reluctant to wear a watch under certain circumstances but who still wishes to use a fitness tracker.

A successor of the Fitbit Alta and Alta HR, the Fitbit Inspire and Inspire HR have very similar functions, but the design has changed.

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Two months after continuous use, I’m pleased with the Inspire. Although longer-lasting than a Zip battery, the Inspire can be charged using a USB port. You had to buy a new battery with the Zip each time. Also, Android synchronization works fine.

Also included in the Inspire’s core functions are counting steps, measuring distance and calculating calorie consumption. A stopwatch and a timer are included, but I do not use these features. The stopwatch sometimes switches itself on when it is in my pocket. Fitbit should make an improvement here to prevent the Inspire from making accidental entries when placed in the pocket.

Fitbit Inspire HR – Fitness tracker with a heart rate monitor

With the Fitbit Inspire HR, you can track your steps and calorie intake. Moreover, it tracks your sleep as well as sporting activities. For this purpose, it has “over 15 designated exercise modes” and works like a charm with other Fitbit wearables.

Throughout the day, the Inspire HR measures your heart rate and can connect to a smartphone in order to get GPS data – for instance when running. This activity tracker has features such as a timer, stopwatch, and reminders if you do not move enough, as well as a positive haptic effect when you meet your objectives. Within the Relax function, you will be guided through breathing exercises to help you relax.

A touchscreen display is used to operate the Fitbit Inspire HR, which also displays the fitness tracker’s measurement data. It will also show you notifications for emails and messenger messages you receive on your smartphone.

If you choose the cheaper Fitbit Inspire, you give up the heart rate measurement feature and the ability to take over tracking from your smartphone. Except for that, both fitness trackers are essentially the same. Both wearables should be able to withstand waters as deep as 50 meters and run for five days with a single battery charge.

Bellabeat Leaf Urban Wellness Tracker for Women

Bellabeat Leaf Urban has attracted a lot of interest from people around the world. My favorite feature of this jewelry is that you can measure your steps, track your sleep, count calories and manage your stress. With its multiple variants, I like how elegant and versatile the tracker is. It really helps me remain healthier.

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I use it for counting my steps and encourage me to sleep, exercise, and rest. About three months after I started using “Leaf”, I’m happy with it. Customer service is very nice and helpful. The app is good, occasionally a little stubborn, but still ok. In comparison with other trackers, the leaf is very appealing. However, I dislike wearing the bracelet because it is insecure. It is best to place it in your pocket or clip it on your shirt.

As a bracelet, the wearable is stylish and water-resistant. Although you can shower with it, you cannot wear the leather bracelet. I love it.

A versatile health tracker with chain, bracelet and clip-on options

Leaf Urban was designed specifically for women to track their health. Moreover, it enables you to know when your period is approaching or when ovulation occurs.  Vibration reminds you to be more active based on set preferences.

You can use it with Android 4.3 or newer devices with Bluetooth 4.3 on iPhone, iPad or Android smartphones or tablets. This device has a replaceable battery with battery life up to six months. Syncing up with an app, Leaf Urban sends all your data wirelessly.

It was important to me to find a fitness tracker that wasn’t instantly recognizable and didn’t look too sporty. I also didn’t want anything too complicated. I have the rose gold version of the tracker, and it goes with everything – from a business outfit to a sports outfit. The leaf can also be worn as a bracelet, as a chain, or as kind of a brooch on a top or waistband.

I can also manually enter each workout into the leaf. You can also enjoy guided meditations on the app. Feel free to set alarms to remind you to get up or to move when you are inactive.

Great fitness tracker and looks very good too

The design is appealing because it differs from the usual tracker. Various chains, chains clips and bracelets are available. Occasionally it is difficult to wear a bracelet with narrow sleeves. Dressing and undressing can be made easier with the trouser clip. 

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It is easy and intuitive to use the leaf and the application. My daily activities seem to be much more accurately recorded since the software seems to learn about my daily activities. The leaf’s durability is outstanding. So far, the clip is not scratched. The leaf has actually survived an accidental water bath, despite not being waterproof.

Based on my testing, I feel the tracker used as a necklace would be less accurate than if it were used as a bracelet. It’s normal for sleep and wake up times to differ by thirty minutes to one hour. This is my favorite since it is not ugly looking. Before, I usually hid my fitness trackers, but this one is beautiful, and it’s perfect for me.

Should you go for Clip-on or wristband fitness trackers?

The fitness tracker is most often worn as a wristband. There are other forms, like a clip or in-ear headphones, that are less popular. A significant advantage in using the clips is that they can be discreetly placed on your body. In comparison to the bracelet, the clip is more prone to being lost.

Many wristbands have the advantage of being accurate in measuring sleep. These units monitor the length of sleep and quality of sleep in some models. The tracking provided by wristbands is more reliable than those from non wrist fitness trackers that are placed on a pillow or bedside table.

Many of these wristbands don’t just measure movement and sleep, but also have embedded pulse sensors to monitor your heart rate. They usually display the pulse graphically in their smartphone apps throughout the day. These devices can monitor the heart rate both spontaneously and on a long-term basis. However, these devices drain batteries faster.

Once again, the heart rate sensor on the wristband will allow more precise measurements than you would get from placing it on your outfit or pocket.