For many back pain sufferers the common question is “Which type of back support or seat cushion is best?” There really is no best for any one person. It’s going to be different from person to person. We list and explain various chair cushions here but in the end, the only true way to know is to try them and see what physically feels the best for you. You should also know that supports and cushions are not going to correct the causes of underlying pain and usually there may be several causes. Make sure you are also dealing with those causes as well.

WonderGel Original Gel Seat Cushion


The WonderGel state-of-the-art seat cushions are scientifically designed to relieve pain discomfort and exhaustion for whenever and wherever you sit. Invented in 1995 WonderGel’s technology was initially developed to provide critical therapeutic relief for bedridden patients or those confined to wheelchairs. But you can now have that comfort in your home or office. Its pressure relief technology is designed to distribute weight evenly. When the load or pressure is heavier at a certain spot, the gel buckles to allow surrounding areas to cradle that spot. Other cushions would push back harder on those parts which causes discomfort, numbness or even pain.

These pressure hot spots created by other cushions restrict blood flow, cause numbness and even sores to develop. However, WonderGel’s unique comfort technology allows your weight to be supported and distributed evenly throughout the whole cushion without allowing some parts to carry more weight than others.


WonderGel even accommodates for your keys or a fat wallet. This hard to achieve comfort is what medical researchers call pressure equalization. WonderGel relieves pain, discomfort and exhaustion caused from sitting for long periods of time. It improves posture, focus and well-being. Once you try WonderGel you will know how much of a difference proper spine and body alignment make in your day whether that be at work, at home or on the road. You and those around you will notice the difference almost immediately.

It’s portable so you can take it where you need comfort most. It is environmentally friendly and completely non-toxic. The WonderGel honeycomb shape provides hundreds of relief points for luxury and comfort you won’t find anywhere else. This patented technology improves blood flow that other cushions restrict. That means you won’t feel the numbness or pressure spots you do from other cushions and the gel is breathable so it won’t make you feel hot. The gel used in wonder gel cushions is ultra-soft and ultra-strong. It’s long-lasting and extremely durable so it won’t wear out like foam, memory foam or other traditional cushioning.

Aylio Coccyx Orthopedic Comfort Memory Foam Seat Cushion


The best thing about the Aylio Coccyx seat cushion is that the cover is nice and soft. There is also a zipper to remove the cover if you need to wash it and you don’t risk messing up the foam on the inside. It’s got a little cut out for your tailbone or your coccyx to take the pressure off of it when you are sitting. It also has some grooves at the front to keep your hips in alignment while sitting. This helps distribute weight on both sides and helps take away some of the pain and numbness caused by sitting for long hours. It also helps people with stenosis and spondylosis by putting you in a proper alignment and taking pressure off areas.

When you place it on your seat, ensure that the cutout is in the back where your tailbone is. Make sure it is placed at the center of the seat so you can have that level seating. The first thing that you will notice is that it immediately puts you in an upright position. If you slouch a little, it feels weird. The cutout gives you space so you are not putting pressure on that tailbone if you have an injury there or if you have a pressure sore, you are not putting all that pressure on the spot to make it worse. The foam doesn’t squish down and it stays in its form so you don’t end up sinking to the bottom.

Since the seat cushion is thick if you are putting it on a chair at work, make sure you get that proper alignment where your knees as well as your hips are at about 90 degrees angle.

Dr. Tushy Coccyx Memory Foam Seat Cushion


The Dr. Tushy Coccyx cushion has memory foam instead of regular foam. Memory foam is a lot softer on the bottom and kind of conforms to the shape of the object being pushed on it. This seat cushion has an adjustable seat strap attached to it so that it does not slide around when you sit on it. The strap secures the cushion to your chair. It has a cutout at the back to relieve pressure from the coccyx. In the front, it has separate space for both your legs that puts you in the neutral position. This eases pressure on the bottom of the legs, which is beneficial for sciatic pain.

Zipper is present to take the cover off for cleaning. When you sit on the memory foam, you feel as though you are conforming in to it and it encompasses you. The cushion encourages you to sit up straighter, which is what we want while sitting on a chair for longer duration. It also reduces that numbness or tingling feeling you get in your legs while sitting continuously for hours.

Ergo21 Liquicell Seat Cushion


The Ergo21 cushions have the unique LiquiCell technology. It contains liquid filled membranes inside the cushion. What that does is it makes it nice and smooth when you are sitting on it. Because of the fluid, it’s always slightly moving. Therefore, if you have pressure sores, it keeps your bottom moving just a little bit so that you don’t have that shearing action that tends to break down your skin. Its also used in hospital beds and works really well to keep your skin healthy and to keep that circulation in your bottom when you sit a lot.

The Ergo21 has a little opening at the back to create space and ease pressure off the coccyx. Another unique thing about this cushion is that if you don’t have any coccyx issues then you can turn it around (reversible) and use it as a regular cushion. It comes in three different sizes. The regular size can support weight up to 150 pounds. The large size supports up to 200 pounds and the extra large can hold 200 plus pounds.

BackJoy SitSmart Office Chair Back Support (non – cushioned)


BackJoy Comfort Seat works by changing the position of your pelvis. When you sit on BackJoy it keeps you in a more neutral pelvic position keeping better alignment in the spine. This helps strengthen the muscles of the torso and helps eliminate some of the strain on the back. This is not a back support or a lumbar support that you place behind your back but instead you sit on the device.

The BackJoy support is not cushioned. Unlike most back supports that simply support your back and don’t involve your core muscles the BackJoy involves your muscles forcing them to get stronger. When you sit on the BackJoy, it cups your hips and pushes you up to keep you upright maintaining the curve in the lower spine without you even having to think about it. Hence, all the muscles in your torso work more than they normally would which makes them stronger. You might even experience some tiring or fatigue in these muscles when using BackJoy, which is a good sign that these muscles are working and improving your posture. The BackJoy can make any badly designed chair instantly good for your back. You can use it at work, at home, in the car or carry it with you while travelling.

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