Best Kettlebell Exercises To Burn Fat

Working out with kettlebells is more effective than dumbbells as the center of gravity in a kettlebell keeps shifting. Most of the exercises that you perform with a kettlebell affect nearly all muscle groups in your body. They are very effective to build endurance, strength and flexibility as you can perform most of the exercise routines continuously. Moreover, you can progress without spending heavily on other expensive exercise equipment.

Atlas Shrugged: Best Weightlifting Accessories

Ever wondered what common weightlifting accessories do or are used for? These tools give added support during your training workouts besides helping beginners learn basic lifts and form. For regulars, they assist in lifting heavier weights safely. Some of the accessories also prevent possible injuries.

Pumping Iron – Best Exercises With Dumbbells

Quite often, we do not have time to go to the gym and neither do we have space available to do our exercises. In this situation, using dumbbells is a great alternative as they are easy to use and can be used anywhere, even at our homes. They do not take up space, can be conveniently stored anywhere and provide the same the results as one would get from using bars. There are numerous exercises for different parts of the body, which you can do with dumbbells. These exercises can help develop strength and build up muscles.

How Deadlifts Change Your Body?

Deadlift is one of those exercises that engage multiple muscle groups at once. This lift aids in development of the muscles from your thighs to your upper body including your back muscles. Moreover, deadlifts if performed properly develop a stronger core, a powerful grip and a correct posture.

Row Exercise Variations For A Strong Back

If you want to build a stronger, bigger, V- tapered thick back then you need to spend more time on row variations. By focusing on various row movements, you will not only add width to your lats but also build your traps, rhomboids and shoulders.

Lat Pulldown Variations To Build Upper Body Strength

Lat Pulldowns primarily target the latissimus dorsi and posterior deltoids in your upper body. Working these muscle groups helps build strong chiseled back and shoulders. Variations in lat pulldown workout targets other supporting and smaller stabilizing muscles as well.

Different Kinds Of Squats For A Better Butt

Squats are great for a lower body workout. There are different variations and the basic squat does not even require any equipment. Apart from burning fat faster, squats help build your glutes, hamstrings and quadriceps. Squat workouts will help you tone your legs and firm up your buttocks with a low risk of injury.

Different Bench Press Workouts For A Stronger Chest

Bench press is undeniably the best classic workout to build your upper body, mainly shoulders and chest. It also strengthens your pectorals, serratus, deltoids, triceps and forearm muscles. If you lack upper body strength to perform full push-ups, then barbell bench press will help you build the required power.

Deadlift Benefits & Muscles Worked

Deadlifts work more muscle groups than an isolation exercise. This helps build overall body strength specifically your core. This results in better posture, builds stability, grows your muscles, burns fat and reduces the risk of injury as it distributes load evenly.

Sumo Deadlift High Pull – Benefits and Safety

The Sumo Deadlift High Pull (SDHP) is considered to be one of the most basic of Cross Fit movements and for those interested in becoming certified Cross Fit trainers, this movement-based exercise is one of the few that you have to master. This workout is a kind of a snatch where you use your hips, legs, and core to push the bar above your head. The SDHP is a tremendous power packed set of exercises, which does have its legion of admirers and, of course, a commune of detractors.

Top Home Gym Smith Machines Reviewed

Smith machine is a type of weight lifting equipment that is quite versatile. This is one of the great power lifting tools, which you can use to lift heavy weights at home. It is safe as well since you do not require a spotter and it has a fixed plane of motion.

Ultimate Free Weight Exercises for Building Muscle Mass

Free weight exercises work in isolation and help you to target specific set of muscles. Therefore, you need to perform different movements for different areas of your body. They also allow you to add multiple variations to an exercise. Unlike fixed weight machines, you will have multiple planes to work with and there will not be any limitation on the movements.

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