Get Rid Of A Double Chin And Other Excess Fat

Let us face it, no one wants to be recognized for having two or more chins, but it is one of those sad facts of life for many people. Even sadder, there is nothing that can immediately be done to eliminate or reduce the appearance of a double chin.

Does Running Reduce Belly Fat? Wake Up Folks and Smell the Coffee…

To lose belly fat you not only need to work out your abs but you also need to trim down your overall body fat. This means that you need to burn calories and one way to do that is running on a regular basis. However, along with running you need to take a multi dimensional approach of calorie restriction, cardio, strength training and proper nutrition.

Stretching – How, When and Why to Stretch?

Stretching can have multiple benefits. One of the prime advantages is increased flexibility and reduced risk of injuries. Other benefits are increased blood flow, prevention of back pain, better range of motion, and improvement in muscle coordination. Not stretching regularly will increase stiffness in your muscles and you will be more susceptible to muscle tears, soreness and joint pains.

What Is The Importance Of Physical Fitness And Its Components?

Learning about the components of physical fitness will help you to prioritize your fitness activities. You will better understand the benefits achieved from performing your daily physical exercises. Therefore, it will lead to an improvement in your overall well being and health. This will prepare you to counter any stress or problems in your daily life.

Does Staying Physically Active Boost Your Health?

It’s very important to make exercise and healthy lifestyle a part of your daily routine. It should not be something that you do just in the spring and summer but something that you carry on through the wintertime. Staying active has been shown to decrease the risk of heart disease, high blood pressure and diabetes. Apart from preventing so many diseases, an active lifestyle also helps you stimulate your brain, which helps you alleviate stress and anxiety. Above all, you can easily get addicted to that wonderful high it gives you and you can develop some really good positive habits.

Things to Consider Before Building Your Own Home Gym

Home gyms are awesome! For many fitness enthusiasts a home gym offers many advantages over a commercial gym. The main advantage of having a home gym is that you can do whatever you want to do. There is no one to stop you from using chalk or listening to loud heavy music. For beginners the main concerns while planning for a home gym are the space and the cost. You need to estimate the available space and plan the equipment you will need according to your budget.

14 Tips To Avoid Holiday Weight Gain

The holidays are not only an excuse to shop but also to eat a lot. The season of eating usually begins a week prior to Halloween and then ends a week after the New Year. Everybody worries about the dreaded weight gain that happens over the holidays. An average American can gain between five and seven pounds of new weight during this time. However if you are fit and active you are less likely to gain weight. Read about the strategies to help you navigate the holidays without gaining those extra pounds.

Is Swimming A Good Non Impact Workout?

Swimming can be a good workout for people of all ages since it’s a low impact sport that protects your joints from damage. Taking a dip in the pool is also an excellent way to reduce stress, improve cardiovascular health, strengthen your lungs, and lower your blood pressure and heart rate. The great thing about swimming is you can get in a pool and you don’t even know you’re sweating and you remain cool as you are doing it, so it actually makes you want to work out more. If you switch strokes while you are in the pool and do a little bit of backstroke, breaststroke, butterfly along with the freestyle, you’re actually going to be working so many muscles that you didn’t even know exist.

Does Stretching Really Help & What Do Stretches Do For The Body?

Stretching is an important routine in your daily fitness regime. You can stretch as a part of cool down routine after a workout. However, the major effect of stretching is the improvement in the flexibility of the connective tissues in your body such as your muscles, tendons and ligaments. The other long term effect is the enhancement of athletic performance and increased range of motion.

Why Stretching is as Important as Exercise?

Stretching is a very important part of your physical fitness. Although stretching seems natural and yet so many of us don’t do it on a regular basis. If you could find time to stretch 3 to 5 minutes a day and try to hit all the major muscle groups in that period, you’ll get the benefits of improved flexibility, less injuries, better circulation and you will feel a whole lot more energized.

No More Excuses – Tricks to Stick to Your Workout Goals

When it comes to our fitness routine, sometimes the workout itself isn’t necessarily the hardest part, but sticking to that routine is. Sometimes we just lack the motivation and we need a few kicks to actually start working out. Having a routine and making fitness a part of your life is very essential if you want to transform your body and look differently.

What Are The Benefits Of Working Out In The Evening?

Is an evening workout schedule better than early morning or afternoon? It depends on the individual’s personal preferences; however, there are some added benefits of working out late in the day. Studies have found increased levels of endocrine hormones and more decreased levels of glucose in people visiting the gym in the evening or late night.

How Can I Build Muscle Quickly?

Most beginners want to build muscles fast. However, it takes time and little changes in your workout regime can help with quick results. Things like setting strength goals, maintaining a food journal, targeting more compound exercises, giving more time to recovery and tracking your weight daily are some of the tweaks you can try.

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