Bringing home a treadmill is a great way to kick-start a fitness program or continue a healthy lifestyle. Treadmills are the world’s most popular piece of home exercise equipment. More people do their work out on them than on anything else. That’s because treadmills are unsurpassed when it comes to providing a cardiovascular and fat burning workout. They can help you burn anywhere from 50 to 250 calories an hour versus a stationary bike or an elliptical trainer. Since treadmills are weight bearing, they also build bone density in the lower extremities and greatly improve overall muscle tone. With so many treadmills in the market, it’s important to find one that’s right for you.

Best treadmills under $1000

LifeSpan TR1200i Folding Treadmill

The LifeSpan TR1200i is an entry level folding treadmill with some features from mid level treadmills. It comes with features like ‘Intelliguard’ that auto pauses the belt when you step off of the treadmill and ‘Intellistep’ that automatically counts every step that you take.

This model includes both console and in-handle controls so that you can change speed or incline while holding on if necessary. It includes a multi color LCD display screen.

LifeSpan TR1200i goes up to a 15 percent incline with three intensity levels. It also has 17 built-in treadmill workout programs, two of which are heart rate controlled and two user profiles as well. You can utilize the built in USB ports or headphone jacks with your devices. It also has a magazine rack and two cup holders.

Tips and features

  • The deck is slightly flexible and is very comfortable for running.
  • Tall users with a height of 6’2” have found the deck length suitable to running.
  • If you are training for a marathon, users have reported that the treadmill shuts off at 99:59 minutes and you might lose your continuity. You will need to restart at this point.
  • It is recommended to place a mat underneath the treadmill for a better grip and to prevent your carpet from wear and tear. It will also prevent the carpet from shifting and carpet fibers from being sucked inside the treadmill.
  • There is no built-in fan.
  • Easy to fold and wheels are provided.
  • You should lubricate the belt treads as per the instruction booklet regularly.
  • There is space to fit your iPad on the console.
  • You can adjust the incline at 15 different levels.
  • Motor power – 2.5HP
  • Running surface – 56 x 20 inch
  • User weight limit – 300 lbs

Horizon Fitness T101-04 Treadmill

The Horizon Fitness T101-04 Treadmill has the quality you need and the features you need at a price you can afford. Its sturdy steel frame won’t wobble when you get up to higher speeds or a steeper incline. Moreover, the long deck with cushioning, means you’ll feel secure and comfortable every step of the way.

You can just get on, plug in your music and go, all the while staying cool with the multi speed fan. Maybe today you’ll track your calories burned or distance travelled instead of just watching the clock. Alternatively, you can mix things up every time by choosing the 30 program options.

Tips and features

  • The Horizon Fitness model T101 is good for light running and jogging as it has a 2.25HP motor. If you want to run every day or want to train for marathons then you may want to consider Horizon models T202 and T303 as they have a 2.5HP continuous duty motor.
  • You can adjust the incline up to 10 percent. The incline adjustment is power assisted.
  • Users have found the treadmill very heavy and difficult to move on the carpet. However if you place it on a smooth floor it is easier to move. The treadmill can fold up and has attached wheels.
  • 5” headphone jack is provided to connect various devices.
  • The running area is 55 x 20 inch and max. supported weight is 300 lbs.
  • You can select from 32 interval workouts.
  • Built-in fan.

ProForm 505 CST Treadmill

With the ProForm 505 CST Treadmill you get incredible features with fast results. With ‘iFit Live’ you can automatically download workouts to your console and your results will be uploaded in real-time to

Maximize your joint protection with comfort and innovation of ‘ProShox’ cushioning – the latest technology to help you feel better during and after your workout. With the 15 workout apps, you can get the workout you want. Choose from distance, time or calorie burn workouts to personalize your results.

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Other features include quick speed / quick incline controls and a compatible music port for iPod.

Tips and features

  • Wheels attached, has a jack to plug in mp3 devices but no charging capability, built-in speakers, 2.5HP motor, 300 pounds weight limit.
  • Foldable with small plastic rollers – users reported difficulty in moving the treadmill as it is too wide (approx. 35 inches). Therefore, measure your doorways before moving and turn it sideways while moving. May require two people to move it.
  • Up to 10% incline with 0.5 deg increments, 55 x 20 inch runway area.
  • 18 workout programs.
  • It does not come with a built-in fan.
  • Suitable for walking and jogging with 0 to 10 mph speed.
  • Comes with a six feet long cord.
  • Two water bottle holders.
  • Ledge provided on the console to place your phone but may not hold a book or a tablet. However, you can place the book or iPad on the console but it will cover the treadmill’s display just a little.
  • Emergency lanyard to disengage the machine when pulled.

Exerpeutic 2000 WorkFit Desk Station

Exerpeutic 2000 WorkFit Desk Station is an all in one treadmill that allows you to exercise while you work. It is an ideal solution to fitness, productivity and entertainment. Perfect for your home gym and perfect for your office environment.

Walking while you work is a great way to stay healthy. Imagine being able to burn more than 500 calories a day while you work or just cruise the internet at your desk for two, three or four hours a day or more. People who walk and work are happy about their weight loss and the noticeable relief of lower back pain. Also with the increased blood flow, they think better and are more productive.

With WorkFit treadmill, you can work on your computer, read your favorite book or kindle, watch a movie on your iPad and get fit at the same time. Its heavy-duty frame can accommodate up to 400 pounds and with the 1.5 Horse Power high torque motor, walking while at work can be a very quiet experience.

The desktop is safely and securely built into the unit. It holds up to 80 pounds, can be adjusted to different angles or folded down completely for easy storage. The work area is quiet spacious enough to hold your laptop, monitor, keyboard, mouse, telephone, books or magazines. It also has a molded foam arm and wrist support built in to prevent arm fatigue while using your computer keyboard. Two cup holders and an AC outlet station is also provided.

Tips and features

  • The desk height is not adjustable but you can slightly tilt it.
  • The desk size is 48 x 24 inch and walking area is 40 x 20 inches.
  • Speed is between 0.4 to 4 mph with 0.1 increments.
  • Need to manually adjust the incline (3%, 6%, 9% and 15%).
  • Folds without removing the table top.
  • user weight supported is 400 pounds.
  • The motor is 1.5HP, which is perfect for walking or light jogging.
  • The tabletop is large enough to fit 2 to 3 monitors.
  • The desk is approximately 45 inches from the walking platform.

Best treadmills under $500

Sunny Health & Fitness SF-T4400 Treadmill

The Sunny Health & Fitness SF-T4400 treadmill is a very well designed piece of fitness equipment. It’s a well-built compact treadmill that offers high performance for an amazing cardio. This electric powered treadmill incorporates a 2.20 Horse Power drive system that gives a smooth running experience with optimum comfort.

The SF-T4400 offers three adjustable levels of incline and variable speeds of 0.5 to 9.0 miles per hour to workout at different intensities. The treadmill has nine different built in pre set workout programs, a tablet holder, handrail controls and folds up for space saving storage.

Tips and features

  • 20HP motor, 48.82 x 15.75 inch running area, foldable, 9 preset programs, backlit LCD display, 3 manually adjustable incline positions and max user weight limit is 220 pounds.
  • The treadmill incline angle is very small, so not suitable if you want a large incline level.
  • No iPod connection jack and no built in fan.
  • Very easy to assemble with few steps.
  • It comes with a tablet/iPad holder.
  • Two cup holders provided.
  • Suitable for brisk walking as well as light running, as there are no shock absorbers or cushioning. Not suitable for people with joint pains. Speed ranges from 0.5 to 9 miles per hour.
  • It does not have speakers.
  • It is suggested not to run the treadmill for more than two hours of continuous use.
  • Pulse rate sensors are built in the handrails.
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Weslo Cadence R 5.2 Treadmill

The Weslo Cadence R 5.2 is a no frills treadmill model with a large sized running area. Despite its low cost, it includes all the essentials required in a treadmill for home use. Equipped with impact absorbing comfort cell cushioning technology, this treadmill reduces stress on the joints and diminishes the risk of injury.

The solid built sturdy steel frame provides stability even at higher speeds. The easy to reach console has an attractive blue backlit graphical display that shows your workout stats and other settings. There are six preset exercise programs with two incline options.

Tips and features

  • 50 x 16 inch walking area, 2 position manually adjustable small incline, 2.5HP motor and 250 lbs max. supported user weight.
  • Folds up vertically and can be locked in position. Transportation wheels attached.
  • Perfect for walking, jogging or light running. The highest speed is 10mph and minimum speed is 0.5 mph. For serious running, you should invest in a better machine.
  • Holds iPad, kindle, books and tablets safely.
  • The treadmill is very sturdy and no wobbling issues have been reported by its users. Remember to tighten all screws if you hear any squeaks.
  • Six workout programs – 3 intensity and 3 weight loss.
  • The machine does not have a fan.
  • The pulse rate sensor is not located on the handlebars, but on the console where you need to place your thumb on the heart shaped icon.

Confidence GTR Power Pro

The Confidence GTR Power Pro is one of the best selling treadmills for home use priced under $500. It is a basic foldable motorized treadmill with a manually adjustable incline.

The GTR Power Pro weighs around 62 pounds and it can be moved around with ease. Most of the machine is pre assembled and comes with a 1.5hp motor. The compact size of the machine makes it space efficient and storage friendly. The max speed is 7.5 mph that is good for beginner joggers and people who are just getting started.

Tips and features

  • User weight limit of 250 lbs.
  • The machine is lightweight and small, therefore suitable only for walking or jogging. Speed ranges from 0.5 to 7.5 mph in increments of 0.1 mph.
  • The belt area is 42 x 16 inches.
  • It is lightweight and easy to move around.
  • It has a small three level manual incline option up to 7% that can be adjusted with the help of locking pins.
  • It comes with a calorie counter and pulse rate monitor.
  • The deck is not cushioned.
  • Only cup holders provided. No tablet/book holders or shelf.

Best treadmills under $200

Confidence Power Plus Motorized Electric Treadmill

Confidence Power Plus is a low priced treadmill for home use but has a number of cool features like a motorized platform. Lightweight (less than 60 pounds), folding design and gliding wheels make it easy to slide it under a bed when not in use.

Suitable for light jogging or walking, this budget treadmill does not have any pre-programmed workouts. The 1.5 horsepower motor is not suitable for running or sprinting at high speeds. It is good for beginner joggers who are low on budget and space and want to stay healthy by brisk walking in the comfort of their homes. It may also be placed in front of your desk to create a walking work environment.

Tips and features

  • Users reported that the treadmill stops running after every 30 minutes. Probably this feature is present to prevent overheating of the motor. Some users have managed to change this setting to one hour in the control panel.
  • The treadmill is most suited for walking with a short stride or a light jog. Not recommended for extended running. Speed range is from 0.6 to 2 mph.
  • Foldable for under bed storage. You will however need about 16 inches of bed to floor clearance under the bed. Easy to move as the machine weighs less than 55 pounds.
  • Max user weight supported is 250 pounds. The belt is thin and may slip occasionally.
  • This treadmill does not have incline adjustments. The incline is fixed at around 5 degrees.
  • The belt area is around 38 x 14 inches.
  • Basic machine with no holders for tablets, etc.
  • The handlebars are not removable.
  • There is no pulse rate monitor.
  • No cushion or padding under the belt.
  • Easy assembly and simple to use.
  • Very quiet operation while walking.
  • Emergency stop feature is provided.

Stamina InMotion II Manual

Stamina InMotion II Manual Treadmill is an affordable way to get a cardio workout for home users. Since the treadmill lacks an electric motor, you will need to move the belt with your running motion, which implies more effort. You can also adjust the incline manually by 8 or 10 degrees.

The treadmill has anti-skid rubber floor protectors that give it more stability. Since the treadmill is not dependent on a power source, you can place it anywhere at home. The walking belt is textured to provide a solid grip while taking long or short strides. The treadmill can be folded and has a quiet operation, as there is no noisy motor involved.

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Tips and features

  • Self powered and no power outlet required.
  • 42 x 17 inches of walking area and 250 lbs user weight limit.
  • Some users faced alignment problems with the belt due to shifting from its position, which was frustrating while jogging.
  • More suitable for walking than running, as it is a bit shorter than a regular treadmill, so you will not be able to get longer strides.
  • Always place this treadmill on a level surface, as it does not have leveling feet.
  • The tension in the belt cannot be adjusted. You may apply silicone lubricant to make the motion smoother.
  • Wheels are provided for easy movement.
  • You will need to push harder on a manual treadmill compared to an electric one. It is not good if you have joint pains. However, you will burn more calories as you have to apply greater force.

Black 500W Portable Treadmill from Best Choice Products

The Black 500W Portable electric motorized treadmill is extremely lightweight weighing less than 55 pounds. The multifunctional display helps keep track of speed, distance and calories burned.

It features a sturdy sleek platform with incline resistance. A 500-watt motor provides the power you need and the foldable design adds convenience to your lifestyle making it easy to store in closets, underneath beds and various other places around your home.

Tips and features

  • Walking area of 39 x 13.5 inches, 250-pound user weight limit, LED display, emergency stop switch and transportation wheels provided.
  • This treadmill has a slight fixed incline that is not noticeable.
  • Speed can vary from 1 – 10 km/h.
  • Only suitable for people with a smaller stride length since the runway area is very less.
  • Extremely easy to assemble.
  • No heart rate monitor. The display shows distance, time and calories consumed.
  • This treadmill is suitable for walking, jogging and light runs as the motor is light duty not meant for running for longer durations.
  • Not suitable for users weighing more than 200 pounds as some users have reported that the motor will heat up and slow down.

Best treadmill for running

Sole Fitness S77 Non-Folding Treadmill

The Sole Fitness S77 Non-Folding Treadmill is closer to many commercial models with its 22 x 60 running area. It’s pre-waxed and two ply track along with its cushioned flex whisper deck system helps to absorb shock. It also has a 4.0 continuous Horse Power motor with lifetime coverage.

The S77 console comes with a 9-inch blue backlit LCD display screen, which shows everything from your pace to your time to the calories burned. The treadmill goes up to 12 miles per hour and a 15 percent incline.

Tips and features

  • This treadmill can support users up to 400 pounds.
  • Greater stability as the treadmill is non-folding and has less moving parts.
  • It can work with other heart rate monitors like Polar.
  • This treadmill is multi user where custom program settings can be stored for two users.
  • Perfect for long duration runs and continuous use.
  • Since this treadmill weighs around 300 pounds, we suggest you to assemble it in an area where you intend to use it. The treadmill will be difficult to move after assembly.

Best treadmill for walking

Exerpeutic TF1000 Walk to Fitness Electric Treadmill

The Exerpeutic TF1000 Fitness Walking Electric Treadmill comes virtually assembled right out of the box. Simply attach the LCD computer monitor panel and you’re ready to get started. Treadmill fitness walking has been an effective proven way to get fit.

This treadmill has been designed to accommodate up to 400 pounds of user weight with wide side rails and a heavy-duty steel frame. The Exerpeutic Fitness Walking Electric Treadmill has a two-position manual incline feature where you can adjust the incline position very easily to change the intensity level of your workout.  The treadmill is powered with a 1.5 Horse Power high torque motor, which utilizes quiet drive so you can watch TV or listen to music while walking with no interference. It’s easy to fold and store with the hydraulic shock absorber and transportation wheels for relocating the treadmill.

Tips and features

  • Running area of 40 x 20 inches.
  • Two manual incline positions (3% and 6%).
  • Displays time, running distance, calorie counter and pulse rate.
  • This treadmill is very sturdy and stable to walk on even for a heavy person.
  • The motor is optimized for low speeds, hence good for walking.
  • The speed range is from 0.4 to 4.0 mph.