If you have spent a nice chunk of money on a spin bike you have always wanted, and you think you’re done, think again. Although your exercise bike may seem incredibly sophisticated, it can do a lot of damage to your lovely hardwood or concrete floor. It may even ruin your carpet with constant use or stain it with your sweat.

An equipment mat prevents this and protects the intricate mechanisms of your bike against dust and grime. Furthermore, it provides the extra cushioning and balance necessary to reduce sound, protect floors, and provide stability.

Cycling Deal Bike Bicycle Trainer Floor Mat

With the right combination of thickness and density, this bike mat provides both comfort and durability. Despite the thickness of the material, the indoor stationary bike does not rattle or feel uneven. The mat protects valuable wood and other floors by adding a slight cushion under the bike. 

This mat is suitable for your peloton or spin bike as it is sufficiently thick and stiff. This product uses good quality, durable PVC material with no odor. The mat keeps carpet and hardwood floors clean, preventing dirt, vibration, and damage. In addition, it leaves no marks behind, making post-use cleaning easier.

Due to its non-slippery properties, the mat will hold its position on the flooring. As you place the bike on the mat, it will stay in place. It is safer to ride an exercise bike that doesn’t move when you are working out. Because of its non-slip surface and waterproof design, you don’t have to worry about wiping it down after a particularly sweaty workout. You must use caution when wearing clipped bike shoes so as not to damage the mat.

These mats are best suited for spin bikes with large diameter feet. Certain machines, however, have extremely small feet which may dig into the mat/floor. It may be necessary to place plywood or rubber under the equipment in these cases for a uniform distribution of weight. You can also double-stack the mat by getting a Cycling Deal high-density mat. While it’s thinner and more expensive, stacked together, it provides extra protection against your expensive flooring.

Balance from GoFit High Density Bike Equipment Mat

This mat is ideal for a variety of uses. Although the mat is slightly thin, it’s constructed of high-density material that safeguards your beautiful flooring or carpet. It’s an ideal choice for covering a carpet or rug since it has some cushion underneath. As intended, it holds a stationary bike’s weight well without showing any creases.

Its dual-textured surface makes it suitable for stabilizing your indoor bike, yoga or stretching. Waterproof and easy to clean, these mats come in two sizes. The mat also provides you with a good cushion for floor exercises and jump rope workouts. You can also use it with ellipticals, treadmills, and other cardio equipment.

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High-density mats are dense enough to absorb vibrations and minimize noise while exercising. Because the mat will not leave any stains or discolorations on your floor, cleaning will be simple and quick.  Additionally, the material resists shedding or fraying. There is no curling of the edges thus making it safe.

Even though the mat is covered by a two-year warranty, some users had trouble contacting the company. There were a few complaints of black smudges left by mats, but the majority didn’t notice this even after vigorous rubbing. A strong odor is also present when it is first removed from the packaging. For best results, let it “air out” outside for a day before using it indoors.

Supermats Heavy Duty Equipment Mat 13GS

SuperMats 13GS are made in the USA and are safe for children and pets. These mats do not contain any hazardous chemicals or materials that could harm them. Designed to protect your floors from indoor exercise equipment, weights, and sweat, these mats are made of durable vinyl composites.

Whether you use an upright bike, stationary bike, or recumbent bike, this mat is right for you. Besides keeping debris and dust out, it dampens noise as well. When used properly, the mat keeps the bike from shifting during workouts as it grips the floor surface (hardwood). 

Indoor bike riders agree that this mat fits just right, and it looks good in any fitness room. Because it is softer than most bike mats, you can even do floor exercises or yoga on it. When not in use, you can easily roll the mat and store it in a closet or under the bed.

Some users reported having trouble moving their fitness equipment on the mat. Place the equipment carefully on top of the mat so that it does not rip. Others complained that the mat stuck to the floor and was hard to remove due to residue left behind after prolonged use. A manufacturing defect may be the cause, given that most reviews are positive.

MotionTex – Best Mat for Peloton Bike on Hardwood Floors

With MotionTex mats, you can fit your exercise bike into a very small area. This is an ideal solution for small apartments and spaces. For Peloton, the small size will be ideal if you want some extra room on either side to step on and off. Material of the mat does not appear slippery, sticky, or smelly.

Despite its thinness, the mat can withstand a lot of weight. Besides protecting the floor from impact, it also keeps it clean. It is lightweight and sturdy enough to support a peloton. Unlike other black mats, this one won’t leave weird scuff marks on your hardwood floors. If you want to preserve your beautiful floors, this peloton mat is a great choice.

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It features a nondirectional texture to prevent slippage as a safety feature. You will feel more confident using the mat when you step on and off the stationary bike. It also features round corners that keep the edges from curling.

Featuring recycled PVC, the non-absorbent material keeps the workout area clean by repelling moisture, grease, sweat, and other liquids. While the mat will help screen out some noise, it will not completely eliminate it.

Sunny Fitness Equipment Mat

According to the manufacturer, the large and medium versions of this mat are made with high-density EVA foam. Some customers have stated, however, that the mats are manufactured from toughened PVC instead.  

This mat is available in three different sizes, making it suitable for a range of fitness equipment. Rolling it up and storing it is also simple. While the mat is functional, it is rather thin.  If the equipment feet are not wide enough for its weight to be distributed evenly, the mat may roll or fold when placed on carpet. Use cycling shoes with clip-ons cautiously on the mat. After placing the equipment on the mat, do not try to move it, as you may damage the mat.

A mat’s primary function is to prevent equipment damage to your floor. These include bike scratches on the floor and wear and tear. Not only will the mat make your floors easier to clean, but it will also ensure their durability. An attractive glossy finish, light weight, and easy cleaning make this mat a desirable choice.

This mat is also suitable for other indoor fitness and cardio equipment besides cycling trainers.

It is important to note, however, that the surface is relatively smooth and slick, and becomes extremely slippery when wet. Future models need to have more texture on the surface for added safety. Additionally, you may want to use a thicker mat on apartment floors to cut down on noise or vibrations.

What makes Peloton Bike Mat different?

A bike mat is undoubtedly one of the most essential accessories for your fitness equipment that protects both your floor and carpet plus the equipment. The Peloton Bike Mat is one of several kinds of bike mats described above.

Peloton Bike Mat is designed specifically for Peloton brand bikes and measures 48 by 36 inches, making it the ideal size to fit under the bike. Other normal-sized treadmill mats with standard size of 72 inches by 36 inches are a little too long for Peloton equipment. However, most users do not find it much different from other standard bike mats.

Stationary Bike Mats – What you should know?

It is common practice to use stationary bike mats for all types of exercise equipment to prevent wear and tear as a result of vibrations, shocks, and dust. Due to the fact that this mat has to support the entire weight of the fitness equipment, it is made of durable, high-resilience materials.

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Spin bike floor protection mat

Some tips before choosing a floor protector mat for your spin bike or other stationary exercisers:

  • Protective mats should be made with nonporous materials to resist stains, liquids, and debris.
  • Impermeability also makes it easy for you to wipe clean the mats easily.
  • It is a good practice to have an idea of the footprint of your fitness machine. You can select a mat that is a little larger than this floor area.
  • Usually heavy exercise machines like elliptical trainers, treadmills cover a large area than spin bikes and hence will require a larger mat.
  • It will be better if the top surface of the bike mat is textured to increase friction, grip and stability.
  • Ensure that the mat is covered by at least a one-year warranty for manufacturing defects.
  • PVC or vinyl based mats are quite durable however they may emit plastic odor during initial use.
  • Rubber or foam mats are common but may be porous. You can vacuum them or use a damp cloth to clean them.
  • Since some mats tend to slip on carpets, it is always better to avoid carpets between the mat and floor.
  • Thinner mats are lightweight and are easy to roll for storage. However, thin mats should be made of a strong, heavy duty and durable material to withstand the workout pressure.
  • Thicker mats do a better job of protecting your floor and do not tend to curl up. However they may be difficult to roll. If your indoor exerciser is not heavy, you can opt for a thin mat.
  • Apart from using your indoor bike mat as a floor protector, you can also use it to perform your weight training, plyometrics, yoga or as a foam roller. Although dedicated workout mats are more suited for this purpose.
  • If you have an oversized mat, you can even cut the extra part and place it beneath your heavy home appliances.
  • Check the compatibility of your mat with the type of floor you have so that it does not tend to slip during heavy pedaling or vigorous movements.

Turbo Trainer Mats

Alternatively, there is another type of mat called a Turbo Trainer Mat made of body solid rubber. This type of mat is primarily used by bike trainers, ski exercisers and for general aerobics. The function of this mat is similar to that of a stationary bike mat; however, the build material is different.

Though most spin bikes have end caps and stability features, they should always be protected with a mat. In addition to protecting the flooring, an equipment mat can also help to stabilize the machine during use. It also defines your workout area.