Balance boards are a great way to improve your balance, agility and core strength without using any sophisticated exercise equipment. You can use these boards to increase the effectiveness of your existing workout or use them to improve your board sports skills such as surfing, paddle boarding, skateboarding, snowboarding, wake surfing, etc. Balance boards come in various shapes and sizes. We’ve listed some of the most popular models below.

Best Selling Balance Boards Comparison Table

ImageProductTypeDimensions (Inches)Weight Limit (Pounds)Editor Rating (1–5)Estimated Price Range
Product Details
Revolution 101 Balance Board TrainerRocker RollerRoller Diameter – 5


Board – 30 x 12

Product Details
ProFitness Wooden Balance BoardWobbleBoard Diameter -15.53304.8$
Product Details
Indo Board Balance Board OriginalRocker RollerRoller Diameter – 6.5


Board – 30 x 18

Product Details
Fury Fitness Wobble BoardWobbleBoard Diameter -15.73504.8$
Product Details
Revolution Core 32 Advanced Balance BoardRocker RollerRoller Diameter – 4.5


Board – 32 x 8.5

Product Details
Fitaboo Wood Wobble BoardWobbleBoard Diameter – 162754.7$
Product Details
FitterFirst 20″ Pro Rocker BoardRocker BoardBoard – 20 in square


Rocker Base – 14

Product Details
FitterFirst Bongo BoardRocker RollerBoard – 30.5 x 83504.6$$
Product Details
Yes4All Wooden Wobble Balance BoardWobbleBoard Diameter – 15.753004.5$
Product Details
Isokinetics Inc. Brand Deluxe Balance BoardWobbleBoard Diameter – 16.53004.5$
Product Details
TheraBand Rocker BoardRocker Board14 x 143004.4$$

Revolution 101 Balance Board Trainer


The 101 board from Revolution Balance boards is the perfect board for beginners or anyone looking for a way to improve their balance and fitness level. The 101 board is lightweight, easily carried and able to be used anywhere there is a somewhat flat surface.

Tips, features and usage for Revolution 101 Balance Board

  • The roller diameter is about 5 inches and the board dimensions are 30 x 12 inches.
  • Beginners are advised to use this board on a carpet as hard surfaces increase the difficulty to balance.
  • The roller does not have any tracks or grooves.
  • User weight limit up to 300 pounds.
  • Roller stops placed at both ends to stop you from rolling off.
  • The foam coated roller usually picks up lint and hair due to the fabric.
  • The bottom of the board has two pieces of textured tape that help guide the roller.
  • This board has a soft track grip which helps your feet slightly sink into the board for comfort.
  • With or without shoes, this board is quite comfortable.

ProFitness Wooden Balance Board


The ProFitness balance board is made up of high grade premium wood with a urethane finish. The board is lightweight and portable.

Tips, features and usage for ProFitness Wooden Balance Board

  • This board weighs around 3 pounds.
  • weight limit is 330 pounds.
  • The spherical balance point on the underside is made of hard plastic.
  • It’s safer to place it on a small removable mat to prevent damage to carpets or flooring.
  • The dimensions of the board are 15.5 x 3.1 inches.

Indo Board Balance Board Original with Roller


The Indo balance board is a great addition to your workouts and makes balancing fun. The super sturdy wooden board and the lightweight plastic roller make this one of the best selling balance trainer in the market.

Tips, features and usage for Indo Board Balance Board Original

  • The wooden deck size is 30 x 18 inches and the roller has a diameter of 6.5 inches.
  • Instructional DVD included in the package.
  • The weight restriction is 275 pounds.
  • The board has an anti slip coating.
  • You can create your own artwork if you purchase the Indo Original Art board which has a blank white surface.

Fury Fitness Wobble Board


The Balance board from Fury can be safely used on most surfaces. The board is made of dense birchwood and the bottom balancing point is made of dense thick plastic. It comes with a 10 year replacement guarantee.

Tips, features and usage for Fury Fitness Wobble Board

  • The board has a diameter of 15.7 inches and weighs 3.8 pounds.
  • It is tested for user weight as high as 500 pounds.
  • The tilt angle goes up to 25 degrees.
  • The board surface is anti slip and you may use it with your shoes, socks or even barefoot.

Revolution Core 32 Advanced Balance Board


Revolution Core32 balance board is designed for intermediate and advanced users who would like to practice various boarding tricks such as kickflips, 360 shuv-its, 180s, etc.

Tips, features and usage for Revolution Core 32 Advanced Balance Board

  • Unique sand filled weighted roll control system to stabilize the board during landings.
  • The board size is 32 x 8.5 inches and the roller diameter is around 4.5 inches.
  • This board has a user weight limit of 300 pounds.
  • The underside of the board has a urethane griptape.
  • The roller is made out of composite plastic to retain its shape.
  • The Maple board does not have any stops or tracks to limit movement.

Fitaboo Wood Wobble Board


The Fitaboo Wood Circular Board has a great slip resistant surface and is ideal for standing workstations or as footrest while sitting in your office. You may also use this board to add variety to your daily exercises.

Tips, features and usage for Fitaboo Wood Wobble Board

  • Suitable for intermediate level users as the board is around 3 inches off the ground.
  • Weight limit for this board is 275 pounds.
  • The Fitaboo wooden wobble board weighs 3.5 pounds and it has a diameter of 16 inches.
  • Carry case included in the package.
  • The gritty texture on the board gives it a good grip even with your shoes on.

Importance of balancing exercises

  • Balance exercises help you strengthen your lower body and your core muscles.
  • They also help increase the flexibility of hip and ankle joints.
  • Good balance is essential to maintaining the stability of your body position during everyday tasks.
  • Balancing also helps with better body coordination and better posture.
  • Balance training also improves our proprioceptive system which usually gets damaged as we age.
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