A strong core for Bodybuilding is not the sexiest of Bodybuilding subjects, and it is almost certainly the most neglected aspect to the majority of people’s routines. But I have to tell you, a strong core will not only prevent injury it will also allow you build all over strength and power by the development of many of the smaller stabilizing muscles which in turn enable you to lift heavier weights in good form.

If you were to ask Pros what is the best thing you can do to get the greatest benefits from your bodybuilding program, the answer would definitely be to develop core stability. Regardless of your training experience, you will most definitely gain tremendous benefits from developing core stability.

What is the core?

The core consists of all the muscles in your lower back and abdominal areas. These muscles all work together to stabilize your entire body and transfer power from your legs to your upper body and vice versa, which is why core stability is very important. Your core muscles also ensure that all parts of your upper body are in their proper places, which makes core stability even more essential for overall well-being.

Why is core stability so important?

A weak core can lead to practically all kinds of problems in your body, the most common of which is lower back pain. By strengthening these muscles and attaining core stability, you can ensure that your spine is adequately supported and proper posture is maintained, thus significantly reducing the possibility of suffering from lower back pain.

Think of your spine as a column made from soda cans stacked one on top of another. Adequate core stability will enable that column to stand up even under a lot of stress. Developing core stability is like transforming scotch tape into a good bandage that holds the soda cans in place. Core stability also has a great potential to improve your performance in sports and at the gym.

Take a baseball pitcher, for example: His power throw normally begins at the legs, moves through his core and then ends in his arm as the ball is released. Without enough core stability, the throw wouldn’t be executed properly. Speed and power will definitely be lost from such a throw without the necessary core stability that transfers the force from the pitchers legs to his arm.

When lifting heavy weights at the gym, core stability helps ensure that you are able to perform each of your movements properly. This is very important for health and safety reasons. Without adequate core stability, you may end up hurting yourself while doing some heavy lifting, thus defeating the purpose of working out.

Building core stability is definitely an activity that will never fail to provide you with a great return on your investment. So, how exactly should you train you core in order to develop core stability? Needless to say, exercises that target your lower back and abdominal muscles make up the foundation of core stability training. Exercises that specifically target your cores power-transfer and stabilization functions are also essential parts of a good core stability training routine.

Now that you know just how important core stability is, you should start focusing on core strengthening exercises more. After all, it will be practically impossible for you to build the other parts of your body without adequate core stability. Make core stability training a priority in your workout routine and you’re sure to reap the benefits of having a stronger and more injury-proof midsection and lower back.

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