Have you ever thought about working out in your own home? Maybe you would like a convenient place to work out on the days you do not go to the gym or maybe you just prefer the privacy and quiet of your own space. Whatever the reason, your home can be an effective and convenient place to get a great quality workout. Let us look at few of the things that will help you to plan it out right.

Location and Space

The first thing to think about is, where in your home, you have space. Think ahead about the equipment you are going to want and how much room you will need. Would you have a dedicated area where you would leave the equipment out in the open or you need to tuck it away when it’s not in use? Then consider the ventilation in your room. Proper airflow will be essential once you get started. You do not want to continue to work out in a room that is hot and stuffy. Now the same goes with lighting. Are you a person that likes natural light – if so, then a room in a dark corner of the basement is not your first choice? Find a spot that suits your taste and sets a positive mood. The goal is to make the space a place where you look forward to going. Every piece of motivation is going to help you when it comes to exercise.

Selecting Equipment

Now once you find the spot, it is time to get the equipment. So when choosing equipment, the first consideration will be once again space as well as dollars. Then consider your workout program – what will you need to accomplish your goals. If you want consistent cardiovascular exercise but live in a gets too cold or gets too hot type of a climate, then a treadmill, elliptical or a bike might be worth the investment for you.

If you go with a larger equipment then you need to assess your power outlets. Make sure that the room and the electrical system are equipped to handle whatever you choose to purchase. If your needs are geared towards strength training, then a gym system or a rack with multiple dumbbells might be more up your alley. Once again, space and budget come into play. The choices in home strength equipment are numerous and are often just smaller models of what you use at the gym, but conveniently located just a few steps from your bedroom instead of a car ride away.

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Also, consider incorporating some smaller fitness accessories. With the use of a stability ball, resistance bands and a few dumbbells, you can greatly increase the variety and types of exercises you can do in order to achieve your goals and stay motivated. You can replace the weight bench with a stability ball to build your core muscle groups at the same time. The resistance bands are lightweight with the ability to work most of your muscle sets and they even travel well. Never hesitate to mix entertainment and exercise. Get your TV, radio or iPod in a ready and usable position. That is the beauty of working out of your own home. You choose what to listen to and what to watch on TV. You can watch the news while on the treadmill or watch your favorite sitcom that you have recorded.


Maybe you prefer a room with a view out of the window. Either way, this will be an important consideration in order to keep your motivation going. Remember exercising is worth every ounce of effort but the reality is that some days it is tough to get motivated. By making it convenient, your chance of being consistent goes up exponentially. By setting up a home gym, you are one-step closer to sticking with your exercise plan and achieving all of those great benefits that regular exercise provides.

Benefits of a Home Gym

Pros of working out in your home gym

  • You are the boss of your personal gym and there are no restrictions or rules to follow.
  • There is no membership, parking or travel fees to pay. Once you have bought the equipment, you own it. The only thing that you might have to pay is your electricity bill and heating in winter.
  • You do not have to wait for any of the equipment. This is also one of the best things. If you want to do bench press, you just go to the bench press.
  • You do not have to worry about other people’s sweat all over the equipment. Research shows that the average fitness equipment is about a thousand times dirtier and contains more bacteria than the average public toilet seat. (Do not forget to carry an alcohol based hand sanitizer in your gym bag.) Read more about Gym Hygiene.
  • You may listen to any type of music you like. If you like rock go for it, if you want to listen to some dance numbers, just change the track. You can listen to talk shows on radio or watch any TV show. It is your choice. You can put the music as loud as you want and you can even sing along if you like that and nobody will complain apart from your neighbors!
  • You can also install posters of your choice on the walls of your home gym. You may stick anything that inspires you.
  • You can use chalk in your own home gym. Chalk is important as it protects your hands and improves your grip. Many commercial gyms do not like using chalk
  • You can wear anything of your choice in your home gym. You can train in boxers if it’s too hot or remove your top which may not be a choice in a commercial gym. In case you are working out in a barn or a garage, it could get quite cold in winters and you will have to wear clothes that fit the weather. This is something that you do not need to be concerned about in a public gym because usually the temperature is constant throughout the year.
  • You do not have to pack your gym bag.
  • You can train at home without any distractions. In your personal gym you will not get easily distracted because you are the only one there and will be able to train at your own fitness level without trying to impress others. Many people get injured by showing off to their friends or simply random strangers.
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Disadvantages of Working Out At Home

Cons of working out in your home gym

  • Since you will be working out on your own, you will need to be very self motivated. If you are not self-motivated, you will find it very hard to train on your own. Since you are at home, it is easy to skip sessions, as there are no challenges to stop you from going home like in a commercial gym you need to walk or drive few miles. It takes a lot of dedication to stay and get what you need to get done.
  • The initial setup cost is going to be high to begin with. It may be many times the cost of a gym membership.
  • You need to take care of the maintenance, cleanliness and servicing of your equipment.
  • Space is usually very limited in a home gym. Fitting new equipment can become tricky with a small space and requires careful planning.
  • It could get lonely when you are working out alone in your home. In a commercial gym, you are working out with other people, look at what they are doing, and feel motivated. Seeing people working out and listening to them gives you a relaxing feeling. You may miss the gym environment, miss being around people and lose interest after a short while.

The most important thing to consider is that safety comes first. Make sure the equipment that you use in your home gym is safe and if you are going to work completely on your own then make sure that, you don’t work out with maximum amount of weight you can lift because it simply isn’t safe enough.