Get Rid Of A Double Chin And Other Excess Fat

Let us face it, no one wants to be recognized for having two or more chins, but it is one of those sad facts of life for many people. Even sadder, there is nothing that can immediately be done to eliminate or reduce the appearance of a double chin.

Top 5 Best Spin Bike Mats – UPDATED 2019

Spin bike mats are necessary if you want to minimize the damage to your floor or carpet while pedaling or exercising on indoor stationary equipment. The floor mats not only protect your fitness equipment from carpet fibers but also dampen the noise or vibrations while you perform a high intensity workout. The mats also provide stability and grip at the same time preventing sweat and stains to your floor or carpet.

Best Under-Desk Exercisers for Better Health

Spending most of your day on your desk and worried about your health? An under desk exerciser may help you burn some calories and improve circulation while you work. They are small, portable, and affordable and with some models, you can exercise your arms as well.

Best Ergonomic Office Chairs for Heavy People

You will hardly find office chairs for heavily built tall people at a local store. Once you find one then you need to see if it will be comfortable and sturdy. In addition, it should last long and have the right adjustments. This guide will inform you of the features that you should look for in a heavy-duty ergonomic chair that can withstand a weight of at least 300 pounds.

Best Kettlebell Exercises To Burn Fat

Working out with kettlebells is more effective than dumbbells as the center of gravity in a kettlebell keeps shifting. Most of the exercises that you perform with a kettlebell affect nearly all muscle groups in your body. They are very effective to build endurance, strength and flexibility as you can perform most of the exercise routines continuously. Moreover, you can progress without spending heavily on other expensive exercise equipment.

At-Home Back Workouts for Women

Physical strain suffered by women is usually dismissed out of hand in the belief that their everyday chores are nothing strenuous. This is not true. In fact, they endure a backbreaking daily routine that literally affects their back. Chores like loading and unloading the washing machine, lifting heavy boxes, vacuuming the nooks and crannies, etc. take their toll. Little wonder most women get afflicted with back problems. Women at home can help save their backs, if they devote a little time to back workouts. These workouts are designed not only to strengthen their backs, but also to endow them with a shapely butt, thereby contributing to their overall health, posture and sexiness too!

Best Office Chair Back Support and Seat Cushions

Your office chair might be responsible for your achy back if it does not provide proper back support. Adding a lumbar support pillow to your chair will help provide the required cushioning to maintain your natural spine curvature. This will relieve some pressure off your back and prevent muscle fatigue.

Best Way To Strengthen Your Core

Admit it; you do get envious of people flaunting their perfect tanned and muscular bodies on the beach. Of course, they have certainly not achieved this look naturally, but have put in hard work for it. You too can have this beach-worthy body and the secret is to strengthen your core. Moreover, your core is much more than your ab muscles; it is your body’s powerhouse. Strengthening your core bestows several benefits. It facilitates movement, helps prevent injuries, protects internal organs and the central nervous system, strengthens back muscles, bestows a strong and confident posture, and makes you feel better. Strengthening the core involves a number of exercises.

Effective Bodyweight Exercises For Strength

There is nothing better for fitness than making use of gravity in your training to achieve strength and endurance. Gravity resistance training involves using your own body weight against the pull of gravity to generate a strong combination of core strength, cardio and flexibility. There are many gravity resistance workouts to choose from, but the best way to take the full advantage of this training is to use everyday props. This is because using them puts minimal impact on your joints. In addition, non-restricted movements immensely benefit your body’s multiple muscle groups.

Atlas Shrugged: Best Weightlifting Accessories

Ever wondered what common weightlifting accessories do or are used for? These tools give added support during your training workouts besides helping beginners learn basic lifts and form. For regulars, they assist in lifting heavier weights safely. Some of the accessories also prevent possible injuries.

Pumping Iron – Best Exercises With Dumbbells

Quite often, we do not have time to go to the gym and neither do we have space available to do our exercises. In this situation, using dumbbells is a great alternative as they are easy to use and can be used anywhere, even at our homes. They do not take up space, can be conveniently stored anywhere and provide the same the results as one would get from using bars. There are numerous exercises for different parts of the body, which you can do with dumbbells. These exercises can help develop strength and build up muscles.

Sit-Ups Vs Crunches For Flat Stomach

Sit-ups and crunches are multi-muscle exercises and are extremely effective in working the abdominals. While sit-ups work on other muscle groups as well, such as neck, chest, lower back and hip flexors, crunches are ideal for strengthening the core. Both sit-ups and crunches build muscles that helps burn more calories in the long run. Although sit-ups are ideal for overall core fitness, crunches are the ones that work specifically on the abs. Moreover, this intense muscle isolation of crunches is what gets you your six-pack abs! While undertaking both sit-ups and crunches, it is important to do them right to avoid aches and injuries.

Are Pull Ups Good For You?

If you have tried pulling your body up holding a bar, you would know how difficult it is to lift your own weight, especially if you are not into such workout regime. Pull-ups require a different set of muscles that need to be developed with specific training. Once you build them and hone the pull-up technique, you are set to impress people. In addition, pull-ups have some great benefits too. For one, this exercise works out several muscle groups in one go. It not only strengthens your muscles, but your grip strength too. Those looking to lose weight will benefit from this exercise. However, it needs to be done in a proper way to avoid injuries.

How Deadlifts Change Your Body?

Deadlift is one of those exercises that engage multiple muscle groups at once. This lift aids in development of the muscles from your thighs to your upper body including your back muscles. Moreover, deadlifts if performed properly develop a stronger core, a powerful grip and a correct posture.

Row Exercise Variations For A Strong Back

If you want to build a stronger, bigger, V- tapered thick back then you need to spend more time on row variations. By focusing on various row movements, you will not only add width to your lats but also build your traps, rhomboids and shoulders.

How To Do Push-Ups Correctly?

Pushups used to be, and probably still are, a favorite form of exercise for beginners and advanced trainers. Even the school gym classes always included them as one of the exercises. You may not have liked them but the reality is that you were doing your body and mind a big favor, since this exercise activates almost all the muscles in the body. This muscle activation offers some amazing benefits. It increases the functional strength of the body, restores health and vitality, overhauls the cardiovascular system, and much more. Medically, it helps increase testosterone and prevents osteoporosis.

Lat Pulldown Variations To Build Upper Body Strength

Lat Pulldowns primarily target the latissimus dorsi and posterior deltoids in your upper body. Working these muscle groups helps build strong chiseled back and shoulders. Variations in lat pulldown workout targets other supporting and smaller stabilizing muscles as well.

Different Kinds Of Squats For A Better Butt

Squats are great for a lower body workout. There are different variations and the basic squat does not even require any equipment. Apart from burning fat faster, squats help build your glutes, hamstrings and quadriceps. Squat workouts will help you tone your legs and firm up your buttocks with a low risk of injury.

Different Bench Press Workouts For A Stronger Chest

Bench press is undeniably the best classic workout to build your upper body, mainly shoulders and chest. It also strengthens your pectorals, serratus, deltoids, triceps and forearm muscles. If you lack upper body strength to perform full push-ups, then barbell bench press will help you build the required power.

Deadlift Benefits & Muscles Worked

Deadlifts work more muscle groups than an isolation exercise. This helps build overall body strength specifically your core. This results in better posture, builds stability, grows your muscles, burns fat and reduces the risk of injury as it distributes load evenly.

Sumo Deadlift High Pull – Benefits and Safety

The Sumo Deadlift High Pull (SDHP) is considered to be one of the most basic of Cross Fit movements and for those interested in becoming certified Cross Fit trainers, this movement-based exercise is one of the few that you have to master. This workout is a kind of a snatch where you use your hips, legs, and core to push the bar above your head. The SDHP is a tremendous power packed set of exercises, which does have its legion of admirers and, of course, a commune of detractors.

Does Running Reduce Belly Fat? Wake Up Folks and Smell the Coffee…

To lose belly fat you not only need to work out your abs but you also need to trim down your overall body fat. This means that you need to burn calories and one way to do that is running on a regular basis. However, along with running you need to take a multi dimensional approach of calorie restriction, cardio, strength training and proper nutrition.

Back Brace Support For Posture Correction

Back pain is a very common debilitating condition and has multiple causes. Simple chores like lifting, sitting at your desk, doing household work, driving may become quite painful. It is important to stay active and at the same time limit your movements so that you do not aggravate existing back injuries. Using a back brace will help you alleviate the strain on your muscles and finally assist in healing your back by keeping it properly aligned.

Stretching – How, When and Why to Stretch?

Stretching can have multiple benefits. One of the prime advantages is increased flexibility and reduced risk of injuries. Other benefits are increased blood flow, prevention of back pain, better range of motion, and improvement in muscle coordination. Not stretching regularly will increase stiffness in your muscles and you will be more susceptible to muscle tears, soreness and joint pains.

Fitbit Blaze vs. Apple Watch – Smartwatch Comparison

Here is a quick view of the key similarities and distinctions between Fitbit Blaze and Apple Watch. By looking at the two devices from a distance, it is hard to figure out any differences. One aspect where Fitbit Blaze has a definite edge over the Apple Watch is activity tracking. Blaze detects a particular exercise automatically and you do not need to provide any inputs. Both devices are priced differently and battery times vary considerably on a single charge.

Best Stylish Fitness Trackers For Women

In recent years, activity trackers have undergone multiple improvements in terms of both features and design. Listed here are some stylish and attractive fitness trackers for females (or just about anyone) that you can compare and choose, according to your needs. These devices will help you stay fit by tracking your workouts and counting steps to monitoring your sleep and inactivity. This will also help you stay motivated during times when you are too lazy to move and exercise seems a daunting task.

Garmin Vivofit 3 vs Fitbit Charge HR

Both Garmin and Fitbit are leaders in the fitness-tracking world. Compare two popular models from each of these and find out about their features, drawbacks and differences. Both these devices are loaded with basic tracking functions such as step tracking, calorie consumption, distance and sleep monitoring. However, there are certain advanced features that make Charge HR more attractive.

Want To Extend Your Lifespan? Invest In A Standing Desk

Standing desks can turn your workplace into active productive space. You may alternatively use a standing desk while working if you sit for long hours. This helps you to straighten your legs, improve circulation in your lower extremities as well as correct your posture. They range from electric to manually adjustable and you can choose according to your comfort and convenience.

What Is The Importance Of Physical Fitness And Its Components?

Learning about the components of physical fitness will help you to prioritize your fitness activities. You will better understand the benefits achieved from performing your daily physical exercises. Therefore, it will lead to an improvement in your overall well being and health. This will prepare you to counter any stress or problems in your daily life.

Ever Tried A Back Support Bra To Improve Your Posture?

Ideally while wearing a normal bra, women with large breasts will be prone to slouching when sitting for long duration. However, with a back support bra, they will get that extra support at the front and back that will help them maintain the correct posture. Posture bras as they are called, have larger bands, thick straps and pressure relief back support. This ensures that your body does not stoop with the weight of your breasts and your neck and shoulders do not have to withstand the worst of the extra weight to support them.

Don’t Want To Buy Expensive Gym Equipment? Try Calisthenics

If your response to this word is, “Calis…what?”, you are not alone. Most people remain unaware of this form of exercise that helps achieve bodily fitness and grace of movement. Simply stated, calisthenics is resistance training using your own body weight. It not only improves your strength, but also helps you acquire agility, flexibility, coordination, balance and aerobic conditioning. One of the greatest advantages of calisthenics is that it makes you use the entire body…hitting every single muscle. And, that too without the need for any equipment or weights. It increases functionality of the body that enables you to perform everyday life tasks most efficiently, as also meet the demands of strenuous activities, such as sports and workouts.

Lower Back Pain? Hip Flexors May Be The Cause

Tension in your hip flexor muscles may lead to soreness and pain in your lower back along with reduced mobility. Tight Psoas muscles are often overlooked in cases of lower back pain. As these muscles are connected to your spine, this tightness causes a compression in your hip and back. If not relieved, it can lead to severe back injury.

Going Swimming? Best Waterproof Fitness Trackers

Activity trackers are among the most effective methods to keep an eye on your daily physical activities. However, most of them are not waterproof. Therefore, we have compiled a list of preferred fitness monitors that in addition to being good at monitoring your workouts, also prevent water from getting inside. This will enable you to swim, shower and perform other water activities with your tracker on, even when it’s raining outside.

Best Fitness Trackers For Kids – Motivate Them To Stay Active

Big fitness tracker manufacturers such as Fitbit and Garmin want children to stay active and spend more time outdoors. Though the basic functions of these trackers may remain the same, the objective will be to discover more interesting and enjoyable ways to inspire younger generation to move out and play frequently. Today’s kids have a good deal of things keep them busy indoors. However, things like video games, tablets, televisions, etc. do not encourage an active way of life. Therefore, kids’ activity trackers may play a vital role in making them lead healthier lives.

Best Balance Boards To Strengthen Your Core

If you are new to a balance board, know that this important piece of equipment is designed to benefit you immensely and can be incorporated into your daily workout schedule. A balance board develops your balance and stability. This in turn proves most beneficial in improving posture, enhancing coordination, increasing functional strength and in reducing risk of injury. The great thing about a wobble board is it allows you to go about your daily life, while using it. For instance, use under a standing desk, or use it while performing your household tasks, such as laundry, dish washing or even while watching TV! For maximum benefit, use the balance board along with other strength exercises.

Best Suspension Trainers For Travel or Home Workouts

If you want to defy gravity during your home workouts, a suspension trainer is the answer. This equipment is minimal, portable and does not take up a lot of space. It helps build good physique, enhances the strength of most body joints and boosts muscle stability. However, most of these benefits depend upon finding the perfect suspension trainer that meets your requirements and usable in most workout environments. Some of the popular ones are TRX Training-Suspension Trainer Basic Kit; Resistance Suspension Body Workout Training; OCRTex Bodyweight Trainer; WOSS-Titan-Premium Suspension Trainer, and many more.

Top Home Gym Smith Machines Reviewed

Smith machine is a type of weight lifting equipment that is quite versatile. This is one of the great power lifting tools, which you can use to lift heavy weights at home. It is safe as well since you do not require a spotter and it has a fixed plane of motion.

Which Sports Bra Is The Best For Large Breasts?

Are you full busted? Do you feel you might actually knock out other people while you are jogging? If you need boob support, you are in the right place. An under-wire sports bra is highly recommended if you are doing a high impact activity. However, if those are not your thing, there are ones available without an under-wire.

Steelcase Leap vs Aeron – What’s the difference?

Steelcase Leap and Herman Miller Aeron are two of the most popular and best selling ergonomic chairs with multiple adjustment options. Both have some unique features, design and materials. We have listed out some differences and similarities to help you choose according to your requirements and personal preferences.

Fitbit Alta, Alta HR, Charge & Charge 2 – A Comparison

The Charge and Alta series of fitness trackers are produced by Fitbit and are two of the best selling models. Both are low-priced and have a great design overall. There are however minor characteristic differences in their features and appearance. Many individuals might like a sleek bracelet design while others may want a heavier outer body case. Read out more to see which one of them looks attractive and satisfies the features you desire. To assist you to make an educated choice, we will analyze each of the models and then compare them.

Basis Peak vs Fitbit Surge

The Basis Peak and Fitbit Surge are sleep and activity trackers that appeared more like conventional electronic watches with built-in pedometers. Both were far ahead of their competition since they had a long battery life along-with an integrated heart rate sensor. This combination was rare because an optical HR sensor drains more battery as it monitors and gathers data all day long. Click the link to find out the differences and compare the two trackers side-by-side.

Jawbone UP3 vs UP4

The Jawbone series of fitness monitors lack a display and rely on wireless connectivity to your phone to show your fitness stats. The UP 4 along with UP3 uses bio-impedance sensors to track your respiration, passive heart rate and sleep. However, UP 4 lets you shop without your wallet as it includes a payment interface. Also in case of theft, the payment processor can instantly deactivate the associated number and prevent misuse.

Fitbit One vs Fitbit Flex – A Comparison

The Fitbit trackers are one of the best in the fitness-tracking sector with most advanced features. They have a huge assortment of devices to choose from their collection. Fitbit One along with the Fitbit Flex has been in great demand with their pocket friendly prices and ease of use. Here we will find out what they offer and compare them so that it is easy for you to make a selection.

Best Kneeling Chairs – An Alternative Seating For Correct Posture

Kneeling chairs are another type of sitting arrangement to help you to avoid stress and ill effects of sitting for long hours. Sitting on a kneeling chair provides support for your hips and thighs, knees and shins using two padded cushions placed at an angle. This forces you to sit upright with the correct spinal position thus improving your posture.

Best Affordable Low Budget Ergonomic Office Chairs

Were you shocked by the prices while buying a new ergonomic office chair? Look at the budget office chairs that almost provide the same level of comfort and adjustments. Some of them even provide the extra support for your lower back and neck such as a lumbar support or a headrest.

Best Ergonomic Seat Cushions Office Chairs

Seat cushions are especially useful if the chair you sit on is hard and uncomfortable. It becomes even more painful if you need to sit for long periods. You may develop soreness, itchy feeling and even chronic back pain if you are not sitting on an ergonomic platform. Seat cushions and back supports ease the pressure on your buttocks and lower spine to provide a comfortable and relaxed feel.

Best Small and Compact Treadmill Reviews

If you live in a place with space constraints and want to reap the benefits of cardio then a small compact treadmill is a good option. These treadmills are lightweight, low priced and are easy to move around the house. Some of them can be stored under the bed or against the wall. However, since they have a shorter running area, they may not be suitable for tall people.

Bowflex TreadClimber TC10 Review

This compact space saving 3-in-1 TreadClimber has a steep incline and is low impact. It combines walking and step climbing which doubles the calorie burn rate compared to a classic treadmill. It has an ergonomic console, a climb indicator and you can set weekly goals.

Urban Rebounder Review

Urban Rebounder is one of the most liked indoor mini trampolines for adults. It is lightweight and quite stable as it has eight rubberized legs. There is a handle bar in case you need extra support. It also comes with a workout DVD to help you get started.

Springfree Trampoline Review

Springfree outdoor trampoline is one of the safest trampolines out there, as it does not use metal springs. Apart from this, the jumping area is enclosed with a net that is secured away from the metal edges. The trampoline provides a superior bounce and soft landing.

Common Trampoline Accessories

Trampoline accessories enhance your trampoline experience by adding more features for fun and functionality. Some of these additional add-ons are ladder, weather cover, stakes, basketball hoop, etc. These are a good investment to extend the life of your outdoor trampolines as well as make them safer and enjoyable.

Your Guide to the Best Mini Trampolines for Kids & Toddlers

Small indoor kid’s trampolines make bouncing safe for toddlers and young children. Since the surface area is small with a low frame height and there are extra supports, it reduces the chances of injury. However, adult supervision is necessary when your kids are bouncing and they should never be left unattended on a trampoline.

Best Rectangular Trampolines – Buyers Guide

Rectangular trampolines usually have a large surface area and you will not always land in the center of the mat like in the round trampolines. However, this also increases the chances of injury and jumpers need to take extra precautions.

JumpSport AlleyOOP DoubleBounce Trampoline Review

AlleyOOP trampoline is another safe trampoline especially for children who love bouncing outdoors. There are several safety features such as patented triple fail-safe enclosure, DoubleBounce technology, AirShock system along with a sturdy durable steel frame.

Misfit Shine 2 vs Flash

Misfit Shine was one of the earliest available wearable fitness monitor. Later the company expanded its lineup to include Shine 2 and Flash. Both devices are lightweight with minimalistic design. There are however subtle differences that you may want to know before you make your purchase decision. These trackers have a unique circular LED status indicator to alert you for various notifications and give you status of your activities. The trackers connect to the universal Misfit app to analyze your stats.

Read This Before Buying Your First Treadmill

If you are looking to train in the comforts of your own home, one of the best pieces of equipment is a treadmill. The reason is that it takes care of the most important muscle in your body – the heart. There are so many choices and you must consider many factors while choosing the best treadmill for your home. Some of the important factors are safety, motor horsepower, ease of use, incline options, weight capacity and track surface area.

Shed Pounds With These Simple Treadmill Workouts

Physical activity including running everyday is essential to lose weight. A treadmill can be a great tool for burning fat. Exercising at a constant pace or sustaining the intensity for the workout duration is enormously effective for losing weight on a treadmill. A random workout involves a course of varying inclines and speeds. This creates an element of surprise all along your treadmill workout. With that said, it builds muscle as effectively as an outdoor trail run or a jog. Aerobic interval workouts on a treadmill involve alternating stints of rather low intensity aerobic exercise with short breaks or walks.

Best Treadmills for Home Use

Are you confused about all the different treadmill choices? This post will help you compare some of the most popular and best selling treadmills for home use. Compare various features for different treadmills such as motor power rating, maximum supported user weight, running area and incline positions. Find out the best treadmills under $1000, $500 and $200. Choose the best treadmill for your walking, jogging or running workout plans. Nevertheless, make sure to consider the space you have in your home, condo or an apartment before choosing a treadmill online.

Is Walking On The Treadmill A Good Workout?

Walking on a treadmill is a great cardio exercise. You can increase your stamina, strengthen your bones and muscles and you can have a lot of fun – put on some good music to keep you going. Treadmill fitness walking also helps you lose body fat and stay in shape. Walk at a normal pace, speed walk or even a comfortable jog and burn off those calories. There is far less impact on your joints and back when you walk on a treadmill and not on a hard surface.

Best Portable Lumbar Support for Office Chair

A lumbar support cushion is placed behind your lower back when you are sitting down in your car seat or in an office chair. It’s great for supporting the lordotic curve of your spinal column. Many of the chairs, which we use, do not conform to the shape of our body. Therefore, we tend to slouch and become unaware of our correct posture. This is not an optimal position for you to stay for extended periods. When you slouch, you place more stress on your muscles, ligaments and vertebral discs in your lower spine that can lead to problems such as disc herniation. With a lumbar pillow, you can support the spine in your lower back to make it more stable and save you in the end.

Best Mini Trampoline Rebounder for Adults

Rebounding or bouncing on a mini trampoline is a great fun workout for stimulating the lymphatic system, which in turn helps you to detoxify your body. Jumping on a rebounder is a non-impact exercise since it does not affect the joints or ligaments as skipping or running would. Unlike a treadmill or an elliptical, a rebounder doesn’t take up a lot of space. The up and down motion against gravity helps strengthen every cell in your body and not just the individual muscles or muscle groups.

Healthy Alternatives To Traditional Office Chairs

If you have a job that requires you to sit in an office chair for long periods, there is a risk factor of developing disc related pain in your lower back. Sitting with a slumped posture causes problems in the lower back. People who sit for most of the day need to change their posture frequently to get relief from the back pain due to prolonged sitting. The problem with the regular chair is that you don’t move a lot when you are sitting on them. However, a few alternative chairs are available that allow body movement while sitting. This helps release muscle tension and takes stress out of the lower back.

Treadmill vs. Elliptical Trainer – Which one is better?

Which is better? Doing a workout on an elliptical or doing a workout on a treadmill? There are benefits to both. They both are the top cardiovascular exercise machines to be found in the gym. Running is a great form of exercise either outside or on a treadmill. However, it can have an impact on your joints especially if you have any knee, hip or an ankle problem. That’s where an elliptical can come in. Elliptical can also be a great workout and you can burn a ton of calories but with less stress on the joints.

Do You Know These Basics About Elliptical Trainers?

Elliptical machines bring the gym to your home and provide a full body workout. You would want to understand your requirements and advantages of an elliptical machine before you go and buy one. Before looking out for various models and brands make sure you have planned your purchase. If you are low on budget you may also consider a used elliptical. Depending on your goals and exercise programs, you should also check out all the alternatives before your final purchase.

Does Staying Physically Active Boost Your Health?

It’s very important to make exercise and healthy lifestyle a part of your daily routine. It should not be something that you do just in the spring and summer but something that you carry on through the wintertime. Staying active has been shown to decrease the risk of heart disease, high blood pressure and diabetes. Apart from preventing so many diseases, an active lifestyle also helps you stimulate your brain, which helps you alleviate stress and anxiety. Above all, you can easily get addicted to that wonderful high it gives you and you can develop some really good positive habits.

What Treadmill Is Right For Me?

Before investing in a treadmill and spending large amount of money on home exercise equipment, you need consider multiple options. Read this guide before you begin your research and explore different models.

Can Wearable Fitness Trackers Help Improve Your Overall Health?

Walk, run or bike your way to better health. That’s the principle behind the fitness tracker craze. Fitbits, Jawbones and other fitness wearables claim to motivate and inspire by tracking your fitness parameters. Fitness trackers can successfully track movement but aren’t as accurate when they estimate calories burned. Some users even report gaining weight because they eat too much because their fitness tracker says they burn more calories than they actually do. While there are hurdles in the road for fitness trackers, the technology for wearables is still racing ahead.

Things to Consider Before Building Your Own Home Gym

Home gyms are awesome! For many fitness enthusiasts a home gym offers many advantages over a commercial gym. The main advantage of having a home gym is that you can do whatever you want to do. There is no one to stop you from using chalk or listening to loud heavy music. For beginners the main concerns while planning for a home gym are the space and the cost. You need to estimate the available space and plan the equipment you will need according to your budget.

14 Tips To Avoid Holiday Weight Gain

The holidays are not only an excuse to shop but also to eat a lot. The season of eating usually begins a week prior to Halloween and then ends a week after the New Year. Everybody worries about the dreaded weight gain that happens over the holidays. An average American can gain between five and seven pounds of new weight during this time. However if you are fit and active you are less likely to gain weight. Read about the strategies to help you navigate the holidays without gaining those extra pounds.

Jawbone UP vs UP24 – Fitness Wristband Comparison

Jawbone is another series of wearables in the fitness tracking industry. Jawbone UP and UP24 are extremely low priced devices with basic tracking features. UP 24 has advanced Bluetooth wireless connectivity to enable easy information transfer in real time to your Smart-phone. These trackers are similar in function with UP24 being a little pricier than the other. The advantage is of course easy transfer of data.

Is Swimming A Good Non Impact Workout?

Swimming can be a good workout for people of all ages since it’s a low impact sport that protects your joints from damage. Taking a dip in the pool is also an excellent way to reduce stress, improve cardiovascular health, strengthen your lungs, and lower your blood pressure and heart rate. The great thing about swimming is you can get in a pool and you don’t even know you’re sweating and you remain cool as you are doing it, so it actually makes you want to work out more. If you switch strokes while you are in the pool and do a little bit of backstroke, breaststroke, butterfly along with the freestyle, you’re actually going to be working so many muscles that you didn’t even know exist.

Sports Bras – All You Need To Know

Shopping for sports bras has never been easy. You will want to choose according to the shape and size of your breasts, the type of material, the amount of physical exertion you go through, the design, the comfort, the contours, the pricing, the quality, the support structure, low high or medium impact and so on. The primary objective should be to lessen bouncing, sweat absorption and providing good support without feeling restrictive while performing your workouts.

Sleep Better with Hello Sense Sleep Tracker

This discontinued sleep tracking alarm clock was very stylish but failed to make a mark in the sleep-tracking arena. Most of the customers did not get the features they had expected. The Sense tracked your sleep patterns by gathering information from your sleeping environment such as humidity levels, your movements and ambient air quality.

Things to Consider Before Buying an Elliptical for Home

When looking for an elliptical, it is essential to have an understanding on some of its features. You want an elliptical machine that gives you a good range of exercise. Some machines have an incline, which allows you to challenge even more. Some of them provide multiple handgrip positions while some provide single grip position. Some have large stride lengths while others have small stride lengths. Learning about the features of an elliptical machine will help you compare them better and help you find the right one with ease.

Best Elliptical Machines for Home Use

What is the right elliptical for me? What elliptical trainer should I choose? Elliptical machines offer low impact cross training for everyone – from beginners to seasoned athletes. However, with so many ellipticals in the market, it’s important to find one that’s right for you. You want an elliptical that is easy to use and is a proven popular brand. Best elliptical that you can buy is the one that you will use.

What Are The Phases Of Sleep And Normal Sleep Patterns?

Insufficient sleep can have surprising adverse consequences on your health such as hypertension, heart attack, stroke, diminished blood sugar control, weight gain, anxiety and depression. No matter how good your diet is or how often you exercise, you are sabotaging all your efforts if you are not getting enough sleep. While it may be obvious that sleep is beneficial, most people do not realize how much sleep they need and why it is so important.

Is Walking For Fitness And Health Underrated?

Walking is the easiest exercise that just about anybody can do. The only inexpensive equipment you need is a nice pair of walking shoes. It is an excellent way to work towards a goal of better health. Regular physical activity reduces the risk of many adverse health outcomes. For those that are not already involved in a regular exercise program, the recommendation is to start gradually. So consider starting a walking program for your overall health improvement plan.

Does Stretching Really Help & What Do Stretches Do For The Body?

Stretching is an important routine in your daily fitness regime. You can stretch as a part of cool down routine after a workout. However, the major effect of stretching is the improvement in the flexibility of the connective tissues in your body such as your muscles, tendons and ligaments. The other long term effect is the enhancement of athletic performance and increased range of motion.

How To Determine Heart Rate Zones And Max Heart Rate?

Study after study shows that exercise does everything from strengthening your heart to lowering your blood pressure to just making you feel happier. The problem is that how long or how hard we should exercise always varies. We end up confused wondering that should we go hard and intense for twenty minutes or moderate for sixty minutes. Therefore, we need to monitor our heart rate during workouts and know about various heart rate training zones. What is your heart rate, max heart rate and your target heart rate and why are they important?

Which Fitness Tracker Has The Best Heart Rate Monitor?

Current technology provides you with the ability to monitor your own exercise exertion level - An exercise at the exact intensity that your body requires. It’s called heart rate monitoring. No longer do you need to wonder if you are exercising at the correct intensity. Through heart rate monitoring you are now able to keep track of your intensity and take the guesswork out of your training. Exercising too hard can risk injury, exhaustion or even a burnout and not working hard enough can be ineffective. Using a heart rate monitoring system will allow you to exactly see where you are at all times and achieve your desired results without wasting time or being inefficient.

Best Activity Bands And Fitness Trackers Compared

Fitness bands or activity trackers track your motion to help you better estimate how much energy you are expending each day. These trackers help you get motivated and give you the ability to form a community to work for your fitness goals together. There are hundreds of fitness trackers available in the market and it may be overwhelming to grasp all the information out there. We have listed the best and the most popular fitness bands that will help you in your buying decision.

Polar FT7 and FT4 Heart Rate Monitor Comparison and Review

The Polar FT heart rate monitoring series help improves your performance and ability to work effectively. The HR readings on both FT4 and FT7 are accurately tracked as both of them use the same HR sensor. Additionally, both devices are compatible with the Polar H7 HR sensor as well. Here we compare the features and functions of polar FT4 and FT7. Polar FT7 is slightly more advanced in terms of tracking and statistical analysis of the data tracked.

Spire – Wearable Activity Tracker for Your Mind & Body

Spire is not exactly a fitness tracker but more of a stress-tracking device as it monitors your breathing patterns along with your movements. It works in conjunction with your smart-phone. The data tracked is analyzed to gauge your anxiety levels, tension and your mood. It then suggests some exercises that you can perform to calm yourself and attain a balanced state of mind. This will further help you to sleep better and further diminish your stress.

Smart Jewelry Health Tracker for Women – Bellabeat Leaf

There are very few feminine looking fitness tracker devices out there and one of them is the Bellabeat Leaf. It has a distinctive appearance that stands out from the rest and looks more like a piece of jewelry. There is no heart rate tracking and the device does not have a display. However, if you want a fashionable fitness monitor with basic tracking features then you surely need to check out the Leaf. Targeted at women, the Leaf also has features such as fertility and period tracking.

Lumo Lift – Posture Correcting Wearable Fitness Tracker

Do you slouch often? If yes, then Lumo lift might come to your rescue. The device is a posture corrector and helps you to sit or stand in the right vertical position. The tracker has various sensors that relay data about your current position at regular intervals. The algorithms then analyze this data and then compare it with the position that you would like to be in. The tracker notifies you if you detract from the correct position that you had given. This encourages you to remain in the right posture and helps you straighten your back.

Pebble – Lightweight SmartWatch with Activity Tracking

Pebble Time is more of a Smart watch providing an add-on extension to your smart phone. With a battery that lasts for many days on a single charge, it is a great alternative compared to other smart watches available in the market. It has a nice color display and voice recognition feature with which you can speak your replies in response to a text message. However, for voice calls you will still need to pick up your smart phone.

FitBark – The FitBit for Dogs

FitBark tracks the behavior of your dog or puppy. It’s a bone shaped tracker and connects with your computer or smart phone to transfer the captured data. This data helps you to check your pets’ activity levels and compares this data with other canines. If you are concerned about your dogs’ health and fitness, then this device may aid in tracking the changes in behavioral patterns, eating habits and other lifestyle activities. This will help determine the possibility of chronic ailments and other health issues.

Stop Back Pain While Bending and Lifting

Back pain can worsen over time making even simple tasks quite painful. However, low or medium backache can be prevented from getting worse by bending or lifting properly and maintaining a correct posture. Read further to avoid muscle pulls, sprains or inflammation while performing everyday jobs.

Simple Morning Stretch to Relieve Back Pain

Perform morning stretches correctly to improve mobility and flexibility of your spinal cord. This helps strengthen your back, improves circulation, and eases stiffness. By doing early morning stretching routines you will be ready for an active day ahead and it is especially useful for those who spend hours sitting.

Stretching Exercises for Your Back

Back stretching exercises help you promote flexibility and mobility for your lower and upper back. When you stretch your back periodically, you will help retain the elasticity of your spinal ligaments and muscles. These stretching exercises will also aid in easing your back pain, reduce discomfort, strengthen your back muscles, prevent injury and stimulate inner muscles.

Why Stretching is as Important as Exercise?

Stretching is a very important part of your physical fitness. Although stretching seems natural and yet so many of us don’t do it on a regular basis. If you could find time to stretch 3 to 5 minutes a day and try to hit all the major muscle groups in that period, you’ll get the benefits of improved flexibility, less injuries, better circulation and you will feel a whole lot more energized.

No More Excuses – Tricks to Stick to Your Workout Goals

When it comes to our fitness routine, sometimes the workout itself isn’t necessarily the hardest part, but sticking to that routine is. Sometimes we just lack the motivation and we need a few kicks to actually start working out. Having a routine and making fitness a part of your life is very essential if you want to transform your body and look differently.

Is Bouncing On A Mini Trampoline A Good Workout?

Rebounding on a mini trampoline definitely affects the lymph and blood circulation in a positive way. There are multiple forces at play here such as gravity, acceleration and deceleration. Moreover, they affect each individual cell in your body. Therefore, this form of exercise largely strengthens the immune system and helps eliminate toxins at a cellular level.

What Are The Various Office Chair Adjustment Controls?

Confused about your office chair adjustments? Let us explain some of the most common adjustments controls found in most office chairs. Setting up your chair correctly is extremely important, as you will not benefit from its ergonomic features if your chair is not comfortable or adjusted according to your size.

Ultimate Free Weight Exercises for Building Muscle Mass

Free weight exercises work in isolation and help you to target specific set of muscles. Therefore, you need to perform different movements for different areas of your body. They also allow you to add multiple variations to an exercise. Unlike fixed weight machines, you will have multiple planes to work with and there will not be any limitation on the movements.

What Are The Benefits Of Working Out In The Evening?

Is an evening workout schedule better than early morning or afternoon? It depends on the individual’s personal preferences; however, there are some added benefits of working out late in the day. Studies have found increased levels of endocrine hormones and more decreased levels of glucose in people visiting the gym in the evening or late night.

How Can I Build Muscle Quickly?

Most beginners want to build muscles fast. However, it takes time and little changes in your workout regime can help with quick results. Things like setting strength goals, maintaining a food journal, targeting more compound exercises, giving more time to recovery and tracking your weight daily are some of the tweaks you can try.

What are the benefits of having a strong core?

If you want a flat stomach or washboard abs, you will need to build strength in your core. The secret of doing so is in using your core in everything you do. If you are doing squats, squeeze your core as if you are flexing; if you are doing planks, squeeze your core, making your back flat from head to toe; and if you are performing shoulder presses, squeeze your core with every press. However, an important part of building a strong core is to eat right. Adhering to a well-balanced and clean diet will provide your body with proper nutrients.

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