Strength Training

Best Balance Boards – Specs and Reviews

Balance boards are a great way to strengthen your core and boost your balance without using any sophisticated equipment. You can use these boards to increase the effectiveness of your existing workout or use them to improve your board sports skills such as surfing, paddle boarding, skateboarding, snowboarding, wake surfing, […]



Best Suspension Trainers for Travel or Home Workout

Suspension training is a popular new way to exercise. Using your own body weight and with the help of gravity, it provides full body movements that target all major muscle groups at the same time.   Top Suspension Trainers Comparison Table Image Product Unique Features Editor Rating (0-5) Estimated Price […]

Best Home Gym Smith Machines Reviewed

Many of you might be thinking about buying a Smith Machine for your home or garage gym. You might have used power racks, dumbbells, barbells or free weights for your workout routines which are great. However, Smith Machines permit you to lift weights without the use of a spotter and […]