Daily Archives: September 19, 2015

How to Stretch For Muscle Growth

Why Is It Important To Stretch? Ahhhhhh… That felt good. Stretching, has always been a vital component in workout plans whether you are playing football in the playground, or competing in an international level sporting event. You’ve probably heard your PE teacher or coach telling you to stretch before and after any […]


How to Determine Heart Rate Zones and Max Heart Rate?

Study after study shows that exercise does everything from strengthening your heart to lowering your blood pressure to just making you feel happier. The problem is that how long or how hard we should exercise always varies. We end up confused wondering that should we go hard and intense for twenty minutes or moderate for sixty minutes. Therefore, we need to monitor our heart rate during workouts and know about various heart rate training zones. What is your heart rate, max heart rate and your target heart rate and why are they important?