various types of rows

Rows: What are they?

Rowing is a form of strength training exercise, which revolves around the pulling movement of the arms. It focuses on working the biceps, forearms, rear shoulders and the middle back of the human body....


Best Comfortable Sports Bras for Big Breasts

Buying a sports bra especially for big busty ladies is a big struggle. Sports bra should not only help keep your breasts perky but also supported as well. We don’t want to look like the...


Best Mini Exercise Trampolines for Adults

Rebounding or bouncing on a mini trampoline is a great fun workout for stimulating the lymphatic system, which in turn helps you to detoxify your body. Jumping on a rebounder is a non-impact exercise since it does not affect the joints or ligaments as skipping or running would. Unlike a treadmill or an elliptical, a rebounder doesn’t take up a lot of space. The up and down motion against gravity helps strengthen every cell in your body and not just the individual muscles or muscle groups.


Best Office Chair Alternative for Back Pain

If you have a job that requires you to sit in an office chair for long periods, there is a risk factor of developing disc related pain in your lower back. Sitting with a slumped posture causes problems in the lower back. People who sit for most of the day need to change their posture frequently to get relief from the back pain due to prolonged sitting. The problem with the regular chair is that you don’t move a lot when you are sitting on them. However, a few alternative chairs are available that allow body movement while sitting. This helps release muscle tension and takes stress out of the lower back.

Fitness Tracker Wristbands Comparison

Best Fitness Band Comparison and Reviews

Fitness bands or activity trackers track your motion to help you better estimate how much energy you are expending each day. These trackers help you get motivated and give you the ability to form a community to work for your fitness goals together. There are hundreds of fitness trackers available in the market and it may be overwhelming to grasp all the information out there. We have listed the best and the most popular fitness bands that will help you in your buying decision.

Deadlift – Basic and Beyond

Deadlift, in a nutshell, is lifting something up and putting it back down. This vital lift is amongst the best for building total-body strength and athleticism. Basic steps The deadlift not only improve your...

benchpress form

Bench Press – A Classic Workout

Bench Press is a classic exercise among weightlifters. Being an exceptional strength builder exercise, it is favored by bodybuilders, power lifters, and athletes, equally. If done with proper technique, it is a compound exercise,...


Garmin Vivofit 3 vs Fitbit Charge HR

Vivofit 3 is a basic inexpensive waterproof fitness tracker from Garmin which does a good job with basic fitness tracking like steps, calories, distance and sleep. Unlike Fitbit Charge HR, it doesn’t have any...


Why you need a Standing desk?

Most of us have read disturbing headlines that sitting can kill you. But if you work in an office, you may feel that you are just stuck there sitting behind your desk with no...


Improve Your Posture with Back Support Bras

Many women complain of neck pain, headaches, upper back pain, tension across the shoulder blades and numbness or tingling in fingers. The most common denominator between all these ailments is that they have a...


Calisthenics – A No-Gym Full Body Workout

Calisthenics is essentially bodyweight training where you use your bodyweight movements and certain exercises to get a workout that you would otherwise do with equipment such as weights, dumbbells and other exercise equipment. As...


Do Tight Hip Flexors Cause Lower Back Pain?

Approximately eighty percent of adults experience low back pain. One of the most common causes is related to tight hip flexors. The hip flexor which is formally called the Iliopsoas or Psoas has two...