Best Balance Boards – Specs and Reviews

Balance boards are a great way to improve your balance, agility and core strength without using any sophisticated exercise equipment. You can use these boards to increase the effectiveness of your existing workout or use...


Best Home Gym Smith Machines Reviewed

Many of you might be thinking about buying a Smith Machine for your home or garage gym. You might have used power racks, squat racks, power cage, dumbbells, barbells, benches or free weights for...


Fitbit Alta vs Fitbit Charge 2

Alta is one of the best looking budget activity trackers from Fitbit with SmartTrack feature while Fitbit Charge 2 is a serious upgrade to its previous generation. Fitbit started with fitness tracking devices such as Flex...


Jawbone UP3 vs UP4

Jawbone UP3 and UP4 are sleek activity trackers with advanced sleep tracking. These fitness wearables measure your steps, estimate calories burned, record your resting heart rate and can produce detailed sleep graphs. Both bands...


Most Comfortable Office Chairs Below $200

A chair that offers true office ergonomics is a chair that is designed for both comfort and functionality. This helps reduce injury and increase efficiency. We have listed some of the best affordable ergonomic...

Best-selling treadmills for home

Best Treadmills for Home Use

Are you confused about all the different treadmill choices? This post will help you compare some of the most popular and best selling treadmills for home use. Compare various features for different treadmills such as motor power rating, maximum supported user weight, running area and incline positions. Find out the best treadmills under $1000, $500 and $200. Choose the best treadmill for your walking, jogging or running workout plans. Nevertheless, make sure to consider the space you have in your home, condo or an apartment before choosing a treadmill online.


Best Mini Exercise Trampolines for Adults

Rebounding or bouncing on a mini trampoline is a great fun workout for stimulating the lymphatic system, which in turn helps you to detoxify your body. Jumping on a rebounder is a non-impact exercise since it does not affect the joints or ligaments as skipping or running would. Unlike a treadmill or an elliptical, a rebounder doesn’t take up a lot of space. The up and down motion against gravity helps strengthen every cell in your body and not just the individual muscles or muscle groups.


Best Office Chair Alternative for Back Pain

If you have a job that requires you to sit in an office chair for long periods, there is a risk factor of developing disc related pain in your lower back. Sitting with a slumped posture causes problems in the lower back. People who sit for most of the day need to change their posture frequently to get relief from the back pain due to prolonged sitting. The problem with the regular chair is that you don’t move a lot when you are sitting on them. However, a few alternative chairs are available that allow body movement while sitting. This helps release muscle tension and takes stress out of the lower back.

Best elliptical for home

Best Elliptical Machines for Home Use?

What is the right elliptical for me? What elliptical trainer should I choose? Elliptical machines offer low impact cross training for everyone – from beginners to seasoned athletes. However, with so many ellipticals in the market, it’s important to find one that’s right for you. You want an elliptical that is easy to use and is a proven popular brand. Best elliptical that you can buy is the one that you will use.

Find Out the Best Wearable Heart Rate Monitor

Current technology provides you with the ability to monitor your own exercise exertion level – An exercise at the exact intensity that your body requires. It’s called heart rate monitoring. No longer do you need to wonder if you are exercising at the correct intensity. Through heart rate monitoring you are now able to keep track of your intensity and take the guesswork out of your training. Exercising too hard can risk injury, exhaustion or even a burnout and not working hard enough can be ineffective. Using a heart rate monitoring system will allow you to exactly see where you are at all times and achieve your desired results without wasting time or being inefficient.

Fitness Tracker Wristbands Comparison

Best Fitness Band Comparison and Reviews

Fitness bands or activity trackers track your motion to help you better estimate how much energy you are expending each day. These trackers help you get motivated and give you the ability to form a community to work for your fitness goals together. There are hundreds of fitness trackers available in the market and it may be overwhelming to grasp all the information out there. We have listed the best and the most popular fitness bands that will help you in your buying decision.


Garmin Vivofit 3 vs Fitbit Charge HR

Vivofit 3 is a basic inexpensive waterproof fitness tracker from Garmin which does a good job with basic fitness tracking like steps, calories, distance and sleep. Unlike Fitbit Charge HR, it doesn’t have any...


Why you need a Standing desk?

Most of us have read disturbing headlines that sitting can kill you. But if you work in an office, you may feel that you are just stuck there sitting behind your desk with no...


Improve Your Posture with Back Support Bras

Many women complain of neck pain, headaches, upper back pain, tension across the shoulder blades and numbness or tingling in fingers. The most common denominator between all these ailments is that they have a...


Calisthenics – A No-Gym Full Body Workout

Calisthenics is essentially bodyweight training where you use your bodyweight movements and certain exercises to get a workout that you would otherwise do with equipment such as weights, dumbbells and other exercise equipment. As...


Do Tight Hip Flexors Cause Lower Back Pain?

Approximately eighty percent of adults experience low back pain. One of the most common causes is related to tight hip flexors. The hip flexor which is formally called the Iliopsoas or Psoas has two...


Basis Peak vs Fitbit Surge

Basis Peak and Fitbit Surge track your heart rate continuously using an optical heart rate sensor. Both sense your activities and track sleep. However there are some features in which one excels over the...